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[News Highlights]U.S. sanctions more than 20 Chinese companies Wang Qishan calls for cooperation | sanctions Chinese companies | Kissinger | U.S. unmanned submarine

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[Epoch Times July 10, 2021]Hello everyone, and welcome everyone to pay attention to “News Highlights”. I am Li Muyang. Today is July 9th (Friday) Eastern Time, and July 10th (Saturday) Asia Time.

Today’s focus: the United States again sanctions Chinese companies, Kissinger urges the United States to talk with China; criticizes the United States for ruining relations, and Wang Qishan wants the United States to take full responsibility; deliberately leaking secrets, China has a machine killer; nuclear war is approaching? China, Russia, North Korea and Iran are threatening; the U.S. unmanned submarine cruises, and the B21 is the first to debut; there is 1 yuan left for a million, and the plot is bloody?

Biden signed a comprehensive executive order on the 9th to crack down on anti-competitive behaviors of major technology companies in multiple industries through 72 measures to promote competition in the economy.

The South China Morning Post reported on the 9th that the extremist Taliban spokesman Suhaier Shahian said that the Taliban now controls 85% of Afghanistan’s land and beckoned directly to the CCP. Not only does it call it a friend, it even welcomes the CCP to invest.

A fire broke out at a juice factory in the suburbs of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, on the evening of the 8th, and it has not been extinguished. At least 52 people have been killed and more than 20 injured.

European Union Foreign Minister Porrier and Chinese Communist Party Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a video conference on the 8th. On the 9th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China announced that European identity should not impose its will on others. However, the European Union immediately stated that it had expressed to the Chinese side its worries about the development of the situation in Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

As of 1 p.m. Eastern time on July 9th, 513,592 newly diagnosed CCP viruses (Wuhan virus, COVID-19) globally, the total number of confirmed cases reached 186,330,636, and the total number of deaths was 4.026,186. .

When the storm hits New York, do not go out unless necessary

Let me tell you about the situation of Storm Elsa. This (9th) afternoon, the fast-moving tropical storm Elsa arrived in New York. Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center warned at 5 in the morning that rainfall in some areas may reach 6 inches (15 cm). Such rainfall will bring considerable danger to the traffic in New York City.

Elsa’s maximum sustained wind speed is 80 km/h. At around 8 o’clock this morning, it was concentrated in the southwestern area of ​​Montauk, New York, and moved northeast at a speed of 50 km/h.

It is estimated that the total rainfall in the eastern Mid-Atlantic states and New England will be 2-4 inches (5-10 cm), and there is a risk of serious flash floods and urban floods. There was no significant change in the intensity during the day, but forecasters said that this evening, the fifth earliest storm on record will turn into a tropical cyclone.

In fact, before Elsa arrived in New York yesterday (8th), it had already brought heavy rain here. Many subway stations were flooded and major traffic was interrupted. Line 1 and Line A are the most affected, and the flooding of the station is serious.

The New York Metropolitan Transportation Department stated at a press conference that the relatively serious water accumulation in the Bronx has caused traffic disruption.

Several videos are circulating on Twitter, one of which shows the flooding of the platform of the 157th Street subway station in Manhattan. It can be seen that many passengers had to wade waist-deep water to enter the platform. Another video shows that on the Degan Highway near 179th Street, police are rescuing a vehicle parked in deep water.

Yesterday I entered a subway station in the center of Manhattan and saw the staff constantly cleaning the stagnant water. But even so, the stagnant water is still about 3-5 cm, which wets almost everyone’s shoes.

Remind all friends in the East of the United States, especially in New York, to bring rain gear when you go out and pay more attention to safety. On the one hand, the road is slippery on rainy days, and on the other hand, the terrain is high and uneven, with deep water in some places.

New York State Senator Mike Janaris warned in a tweet, “As Elsa passes, the situation will only get worse. Please pay attention to safety and do not go out unless absolutely necessary.”

The U.S. sanctions more than 20 Chinese companies again

Today (9th), the United States once again sanctioned more than 20 Chinese companies and entities, including 14 companies suspected of violating human rights and implementing high-tech surveillance in Xinjiang.

Yesterday (8th), two sources told Reuters the news in advance. Sources said that the new sanctions are part of the Biden administration’s ongoing investigation of the CCP’s human rights violations in Xinjiang.

The Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimundo stated that this powerful and decisive action is to “attack entities that commit human rights violations in Xinjiang or use American technology to promote China’s (CCP) destabilizing military modernization efforts.” These activities threaten U.S. national security interests and are inconsistent with our values.”

Earlier this week, Secretary of State Blincoln held an online meeting with seven Xinjiang re-education camp survivors, who told Brinken about their experiences.

Brinken then stated that the United States will work to end Beijing’s ongoing crimes of anti-humanity and genocide in Xinjiang. State Department spokesperson Price warned in a statement that the United States may impose new sanctions on Chinese officials who committed crimes in Xinjiang.

In fact, last month, the Biden administration has sanctioned five Chinese entity companies, including Hexin Silicon. As early as 2019 of the Trump (Trump) administration, 20 local public security bureaus of the CCP and 8 companies including Hikvision were sanctioned.

In fact, before the Biden administration issued new sanctions, the CCP had already experienced conditioned reflexes.

Before the release of the US sanctions list, the spokesperson of the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wang Wenbin said that the US “entity list” is a tool to suppress certain Chinese companies and industries under the guise of human rights, and is to “create forced unemployment and forced poverty” to contain China. development of.

He claimed that the CCP firmly opposes the use of such methods by the US to “disrupt Xinjiang and rule China by Xinjiang.” At the same time, it said that it would take “necessary measures” to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies and thwart the United States’ attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of China (the Chinese Communist Party).

Wang Wenbin did not explain what “necessary measures” the CCP has in total, but there is no need to pay too much attention to it. Because of his statement, it has appeared many times in the mouths of Chinese diplomats, but in reality, there are no countermeasures taken by the Chinese Communist Party. So it is estimated that this time the artillery will still be emptied, but the CCP’s air artillery will be very loud.

Kissinger is old and never stops calling for US-China dialogue

Yesterday (8th), the Chinese Communist Party Institute of Foreign Affairs and the United States “National Committee on US-China Relations” jointly organized a webinar to “commemorate the 50th anniversary of Kissinger’s secret visit to China.” Kissinger and Vice President of the Communist Party of China Wang Qishan both attended the seminar and made speeches.

The 98-year-old Kissinger appealed that the US-China relationship is now strained again and that the US and China need to “start a dialogue immediately,” just like the dialogue between Nixon and Mao Zhou in 1972. He believes that U.S.-China relations are still “critical” and require more cooperation.

Already nearly a hundred years old, Kissinger still has the energy to participate in this kind of activity? Ordinary old people, at this age, have long gone to meditation for the elderly. And he still has this thought, calling on the United States and China to strengthen dialogue.

If he hadn’t urged Nixon to visit China back then, how could the United States raise tigers and dance with wolves? How can the CCP be raised to be the world‘s second best, and how can it cause harm to the world? The whole world has seen that the CCP is threatening the world, and he also advocates negotiating with the devil.

Former U.S. politicians lobby to hire Huawei Hikvision

Let’s say a few more words here. In fact, there are not many politicians like Kissinger in American political circles. Although these people are in the United States, they are lobbying for the CCP.

According to the information on the US Congressional lobbying registration website, in the past month, Huawei and Hikvision, the technology leaders of the Chinese Communist Party, have newly hired a number of lobbying companies to lobby for them in the US Congress and the government.

The Voice of America reported that among the companies lobbying for Huawei, three of them were founded by former U.S. Congressmen or former officials familiar with U.S. Congress and government affairs. One is former Republican Congressman Lee Terry, the other is Gran Renonion, a former assistant to the House majority whip who is well versed in congressional affairs and operations, and the third is Steven Benn, a lawyer who is proficient in white-collar crime. Hack.

In addition to the three-person company, there is also a newly registered JS Held global information service company that is Huawei lobbying. In addition, there were a number of law firms that maintained cooperative relations with Huawei earlier.

Among the newly added companies lobbying for Hikvision is also a former US government official. Peter Cusick, managing director of Mercury Public Affairs, was a senior adviser to the U.S. Department of the Treasury during the Obama administration.

Rep. Mike Gallagher, Republican of Wisconsin, tweeted yesterday (8th), “This is disgusting.” This is because the “Parliament and Executive Foreign Lobbying Prohibition Act”, which is supported by both parties, clearly stipulates that former members of Congress, retired senior military officers, and senior officials appointed by the previous government are prohibited from “lobbying for foreign opponents.”

Criticizing the U.S. for Broken Relations

In fact, it is precisely because the United States has such politicians who eat inside and outside, that the CCP dares to speak hard. In the same webinar on “Memorializing the 50th Anniversary of Kissinger’s Secret Visit to China”, Wang Qishan accused the US of ruining US-China relations, and the responsibility was “all on the US.”

In his speech, Wang Qishan first stated that China and the United States should uphold “no conflict or confrontation”, “mutual respect, and win-win cooperation”, resume normal dialogue and exchanges, and avoid misunderstanding and misjudgment. Then Pharaoh started to criticize the United States as soon as he changed his conversation.

Wang Qishan accused the U.S. of setting the CCP as an “imaginary enemy” in the name of competition, “deliberately creating an atmosphere of suspicion and confrontation, victory or defeat, which may lead to strategic misleading and induce strategic misjudgment.” He said, “The U.S. should recognize that its biggest challenge is not external , Let alone China, it can be said with certainty that it is in the United States itself.”

Wang Qishan is the Vice President of the Communist Party of China and is known as the Eighth Standing Committee. What he wants to express can basically be regarded as Xi Jinping’s attitude. In other words, Xi Jinping may think that Sino-US relations are tense and that the CCP has no responsibility. It is the US that “deliberately” broke US-China relations, and the US should take full responsibility.

Bai Ming, director of the China Studies Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a US think tank, wrote in Foreign Affairs that Xi Jinping will seek re-election at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2022 in order to consolidate his dominant position, which will further prevent China’s necessary policy choices and routes. Fix.

Bai Ming believes, “In view of these indications, China’s (CCP) self-confidence, or even overconfidence, may lead to a bolder and more confrontational international posture.” “A China (CCP) that overestimates its own strength and underestimates the strength of the United States, It is a worrying combination, which may cause China (the CCP) to make strategic misjudgments in many regions of important geopolitical significance, such as Taiwan.”

The machine killer was developed 10 years ago by the CCP

Yesterday (8th), the Hong Kong English-language newspaper “South China Morning Post” reported that a research team related to the Chinese Communist Party’s military declassified a piece of news. As early as more than ten years ago, an “underwater unmanned vehicle” of the Chinese Communist Party observed the Taiwan Strait on the spot.

The report quoted CCP experts as saying that this “underwater unmanned vehicle” modified aircraft can be concealed and deployed on the seabed, waiting to be activated when the war breaks out. This “robot killer” can identify, track and attack enemy submarines or warships without human manipulation.

Harbin Engineering University professor Liang Guolong and his colleagues said that most of these unmanned vehicles are currently operating on a single plane. But as long as the technology is upgraded and instructions are input to them, they can cruise in formation under the sea 10 meters below the predetermined route.

Liang Guolong stated in the report that this test carried out in 2010 was the first time the CCP tried an underwater unmanned vehicle. Although there is no actual combat record, it has been developing continuously. Combining improved sonar technology, artificial intelligence and communications, it can attack the same target from different directions at the same time.

The South China Morning Post has been acquired by Alibaba and has a CCP background, so it’s actually quite amazing to report this news. According to Liang Guolong, the CCP has been developing this artificial intelligence killing weapon for a long time. He said that for the first test in 2010, the start of development will at least be pushed forward for a while.

As for the location of the CCP’s test, judging from some of the coordinates on the map in the report, the CCP’s military is in the eastern seas of Fujian, close to the Taiwan Strait, or within the boundary of the Taiwan Strait.

To say that this news is shocking, on the one hand is that the CCP did this kind of test very early. On the other hand, this was originally a military secret, but the CCP deliberately disclosed it to the public. What is the intention of the CCP? Does it imply that it has the ability to challenge the United States?

Nuclear war is approaching, China, Russia, North Korea and Iran are threatening

The U.S. Department of Defense issued a report on July 6 stating that the main enemies of the United States-Russia, the CCP, North Korea, and Iran are stockpiling nuclear arsenals, which “increases” the possibility of a nuclear conflict.

In the 2020 nuclear operations report, the Pentagon pointed out that Russia and the CCP have been upgrading their weapons and expanding their nuclear arsenals in the past 10 years. They have the most advanced nuclear weapons program and “have or are developing intercontinental nuclear weapons that can be launched from the ground, air or submarine.”

The report stated that North Korea is accelerating the development of nuclear weapons and has substantially increased missile flight tests. It currently has missiles capable of reaching the United States. And Iran will also have the technology and capability to develop nuclear weapons within one year.

The report pointed out that since 2010, the United States has been trying to negotiate the reduction of nuclear weapons. However, the four countries, China, Russia, North Korea and Iraq, “resolutely move in the opposite direction,” increasing the number of US opponents with nuclear weapons. This can lead to the possibility of a nuclear war breaking out in a crisis or conflict.

What needs to be particularly pointed out is that in this Pentagon report, the statement that “the United States has the upper hand in a nuclear-weapon conflict” in previous years has been deleted. This statement is gone, what does it mean?

You still remember that in my program on July 1, I mentioned that the CCP was secretly expanding its nuclear arsenal in the no man’s land near Yumen, Gansu. Then the CCP came forward to refute the rumors, claiming that the 119 almost identical construction sites were under construction of “wind farms.”

But who can believe this explanation of the CCP? So I said that the CCP’s military militarism is likely to trigger a new round of arms race.

This does not mean that the United States will continue to expand its nuclear arsenal. The existing nuclear bombs have already left the CCP far behind. The United States has approximately 3,800 nuclear bombs and has a “three-in-one” nuclear strike capability. The CCP has only about 320, a difference of more than ten times. As long as the United States accelerates the modernization of its arsenal, it can forcefully suppress the threat from the CCP.

Unmanned submarine cruising 4 oceans B21 in service within five years

In the program on July 1st, I said the old Chinese saying, “The magic is one foot high, and the road is one foot high.” The CCP is showing off its “underwater unmanned vehicles,” and the U.S. has purchased 4 super-large “killer whales” from Boeing as early as 2019. This new type of unmanned submarine is more advanced and more powerful than the CCP’s “underwater unmanned vehicle.”

Boeing confirmed that the ultra-large unmanned underwater submarine such as the “killer whale” in the future can not only clean up mines in a wide range of waters in a very short period of time, but also bury mines in enemy areas, and can also pass detection and detection of potential threats. Tracking and collecting enemy intelligence.

Boeing said that this smaller “killer whale” is more flexible and more suitable for shallow, crowded waters like the Taiwan Strait. The new unmanned submarine can dive to 3,352 meters underwater, and can carry weapons to launch attacks on sea and land targets. The range can reach 6,500 nautical miles, which is equivalent to 12,038 kilometers.

On July 6, the US Air Force released an artistic rendering of the latest B-21 “Raider” stealth bomber. This bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons has a smoother appearance and greatly improved stealth performance.

This new type of bomber can perform long-range conventional missions and nuclear strike missions, and has unmanned driving capabilities. With a payload of up to 13 tons, it can carry a powerful GBU-57 giant ground penetrating bomb.

The cost of this type of bomber is quite expensive. According to the US Air Force’s manual, the cost of each aircraft is more than US$600 million, which is between US$639 million and US$673 million. It will be in service in the next five years, and the most likely time it is expected to be put into use is 2026 or 2027.

Save a million left 1 yuan plot, do you have an inside story?

Let me tell you another interesting thing, which is very absurd, but it really happened. In Zaozhuang, Shandong, a woman saved 1 million yuan five years ago, but after five years, only one yuan was left.

CCTV reported that the woman surnamed Sun deposited 1 million yuan at Zaozhuang Rural Commercial Bank five years ago. But after 5 years, Sun went to the bank to withdraw money, but he didn’t expect that there was only 1 yuan left in the account. In a fit of anger, Sun took the bank to court.

What’s more unexpected is that the bank said in court that Sun’s passbook was forged. This time Sun turned into a suspect and was under criminal investigation by the police and was detained for 28 days.

However, the investigation found that Sun’s passbook was not forged. So in 2020, Soh once again sued the bank. The court held that the bank should pay Sun 1 million yuan and the corresponding interest. But half a year later, the bank has not fulfilled its obligations and was not enforced until the beginning of this month.

This news triggered a lot of discussions among netizens, who said they were “too ridiculous”, “too outrageous” and “too terrible.” One netizen said, “Not only did the depositors lose 1 million, they were also arrested by the police and locked up for 28 days. I want to know what kind of mentality the depositors have had for those 28 days? How to make up for the trauma?”

Let’s not talk about the mentality of this Ms. Sun during her detention. As for the mental trauma she suffered, it is estimated that she will end up eventually.

We don’t know if there is any internal information behind this incident. In fact, in mainland China, the probability of winning a lawsuit like this kind of civil suing is very low. But it was precisely this lawsuit that the police found that the bank had a problem, and the court demanded that the bank compensate Ms. Sun, which is unusual.

In my opinion, the development to this result is probably because the bank did not manage the court and the police well. If you manage the two parties well, not only will Ms. Sun not be able to take the 1 million yuan, she will also have to be charged with a crime of “extortion” and sentenced to several years in prison.

Everyone thinks, when Ms. Sun goes to court, as the judgment department, the court can determine who is lying. If you can’t even do this basic work, then what are the judges doing?

According to the political ecology under the CCP’s rule, the bank said that Ms. Sun had “forged” her passbook. Obviously, the court did not conduct further investigations here. It transferred this responsibility to the police and let the police investigate. This is an unconventional approach, because when the court hears a case, the simple investigation is carried out by the court, but the court gives the police the power of investigation.

In fact, this is probably because the court is leaving a gap for the bank, waiting for the bank to take care of it. If the bank manages the court and the police in time, then the police may have wronged Ms. Sun to “forge” the passbook according to the bank’s statement. In this way, return to the court, then the court can sentence Ms. Sun to imprisonment. Ms. Sun died unjustly, and she couldn’t find a place to reason. Such unjust, false and wrong cases are everywhere in mainland China.

So I think it is very likely that the bank did not manage it, or the police and the court did not manage it well. The two parties were obviously dissatisfied with the bank and, angrily, settled the case according to the true circumstances of the case. Do you think there is such a possibility?

“True China” Painting Exhibition

Next, I will continue to show you the works of the “True China” call for paintings.

The first work I brought to everyone is called “Zhong Fu Private Pocket, Beast Bi Nan Shan”. It was specially created by an Australian Chinese couple with 20 years of illustrator experience.

The picture shows an old man with red horns. One hand is holding Banlangen and the other is holding money in his pocket. His pockets are already bulging. In the upper left corner of the picture, there are 8 words written: Zhong is full of his own pockets, and the beast is Bi Nanshan.

I think it is very obvious who this picture is alluding to. Do you still remember that in the early stage of the outbreak in Wuhan, Zhong Nanshan, a CCP expert, recommended Banlangen granules to people.

In fact, during the SARS epidemic in 2003, he also strongly recommended Banlangen to people. But does this granule have the effect of preventing the plague? At the very least, people have not seen any effect on SARS and the CCP virus.

But under the strong recommendation of Academician Zhong Da, Banlangen’s stock price has soared. Could Banlangen not benefit Academician Zhong a little bit? Later, Academician Zhong Da strongly recommended the “Lianhua Qingwen” in this epidemic, claiming to be effective in preventing and controlling the Chinese Communist virus.

Academician Zhong also blew “Lian Hua Qingwen” into the sky, which is very popular, and the stock price has doubled. However, some netizens later disclosed that Wu Yiling, the owner of “Lianhua Qingwen”, had an unusual relationship with Zhong Nanshan, which was tantamount to selling drugs for “my family.”

So I think the name of this painting is “Zhong Fengshou, Bi Nan Shan”, which is very relevant and very appropriate.

The second painting was created by a friend from Hong Kong. It is not named, but it is not difficult to understand. There is a girl on the screen lighting a candle, preparing to put it in the lantern next to it.

The girl thinks about “Mid-Autumn Festival, eating lanterns, and playing with moon cakes.” But the policeman next to her asked her, “What are you doing?” The cap badge on the policeman’s head was a CCP sickle and axe. He wore a red blindfold on his eyes and said “Joy with the Party.” There was a thought in his mind, “Life is really hard.” The siren on the policeman’s chest is “890604”. There is a sun in the sky, again like a big eye, watching what is happening.

(Provided by viewers of news highlights)

I don’t think I need to elaborate on the connotation of this painting, because Hong Kong has become a red ruled area. The CCP is becoming more and more unscrupulous here, and it has become more and more tightly controlled. So seeing people lighting candles and lanterns, the CCP police will panic.

Netizens hope to tell everyone through me, “Don’t forget June 4th! Heaven will destroy the CCP!”

thanks for your support. The real China presented by the master’s brush is exposing the evil forcefully, and is tearing the CCP’s paintings layer by layer. This is saving people, saving the people who have been deceived by the CCP, and at the same time recording history, which is very meaningful.

I hope that everyone will participate in this activity and draw the real China as they see, hear, and feel from different levels and angles. I also hope that everyone will forward this news more so that more friends can participate. As long as everyone continues to contribute, our section will continue.

Please send your works to our e-mail address [email protected] I will show it in the program and upload it to YouLoke website. If you want to see the previous works, you can go to the YouLucky website to watch them, and like your favorite works (Real China: Painting Collection Activity | YouLucky).

In addition, when everyone is submitting, please introduce the content of your paintings. Because I found that some works are well painted, but there are some elements in the creation, we can not accurately grasp the author’s intention. So we need some explanations, which can help us better understand the meaning of the work.

If your work is a secondary creation based on someone else’s work, please also explain where it was originally made. This is not only to respect the original author, but also to avoid the problem of copyright infringement.

Seeking talents like thirst is a virtue on the surface. However, under the pretext of recruiting talents, the CCP uses preferential conditions to lure people into committing crimes. Not only does it lose the credibility and image of the entire country, but also those who are bought and used by the CCP also face severe punishments.

Let’s talk about a theft plan of the Chinese Communist Party in today’s Hongchao Watch Point. Everyone is welcome to learn more in the member area of ​​YouLok. The URL of our membership website is http://muyangshow.com, and there is also http://youlucky.biz.

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