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[News Highlights]U.S. sends Taiwan to counter the CCP’s weapon in the Asian arms race | Ballistic Missiles | Lithuania | Taiwan Diplomacy

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[Epoch Times, July 21, 2021]Hello everyone, and welcome everyone to pay attention to “News Highlights”. I am Li Muyang. Today is July 20 (Tuesday) Eastern Time, and July 21 (Wednesday) Asia Time.

Today’s focus: the United States sends Taiwan to counter the CCP’s weapon, and Asia begins an arms race; Lithuania upsets the CCP, and Xi helps Taiwan’s international exposure; hundreds of people in Zhengzhou are in danger, and no one responds to help; Henan has continuous heavy rainfall and many places are in critical condition; Need imported vaccines? There is no market for domestic products; “True China” painting exhibition.

On the 20th, the British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace and the Japanese Secretary of Defense Nobuo Kishi announced at a joint press conference in Tokyo that the British Navy’s USS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier strike group will visit Japan in September this year. After that, the United Kingdom will visit Japan in the Indo-Pacific waters. Permanent deployment of two warships.

On the 20th, Mali’s interim President Asimi Goita was assassinated at the Grand Mosque in the capital Bamako. A man who attempted to commit an attack with a knife was subsequently arrested. Goita’s injury status is unknown. In August last year, Goita led a coup to overthrow President-elect Ibrahim Bubacar Keita. In May of this year, he overthrew the Civilian Transitional Government and was elected as the Transitional President.

After 9:10 a.m. on the 20th, Amazon founder Bezos successfully lifted off on his spacecraft “Blue Origin” spacecraft, and landed safely 10 minutes later. The rocket’s altitude exceeds the “Carmen Line”, the boundary between outer space and the Earth’s atmosphere, and the highest point is about 66 miles, which is equivalent to about 106 kilometers.

The State Council of the Communist Party of China issued a document on July 20 to abolish “social maintenance” and abolish relevant penalties. This is another move by the Chinese Communist Party to open up childbearing after implementing the three-child policy on May 31.

As of 2 p.m. Eastern time on July 20, the number of newly diagnosed CCP viruses (Wuhan virus, COVID-19) globally reached 418,356, and the total number of confirmed cases reached 192,034,224. There were 6,101 deaths in a single day, and the total number of deaths was 4,116,810.

Now enter today’s topic. We have a few content today. First of all, netizens broke the news. Yesterday (19th) the wooden box transported by the US military plane might be a weapon against the CCP. Then there is the situation of the Asian arms race, and Taiwan will set up a “Taiwan Office” in Lithuania, a diplomatic country with the Chinese Communist Party.

Later we will talk about the floods in Henan and the Chinese-made vaccines. We all broke the news from netizens.

A US military plane sent a nuclear bomb?Major upgrade of Taiwan’s defense

Let me tell you what a netizen broke. Yesterday (19th) noon, the C-130 transport aircraft under the US CIA contractor flew to Taiwan Taoyuan Airport. The ground crew unloaded the wooden box from the plane and some red canvas bags.

There are many suspicions about the items in the wooden boxes and red canvas bags. More speculation is that it may contain items that have been retired and appointed as Director of the Taipei Representative Office of the American Institute in Taiwan. But there is no official confirmation, so people’s speculation is still speculation.

In the early hours of this morning, a Taiwanese netizen with knowledge of the matter broke the news that the unloaded wooden box contained the “miniature medium and long-range cruise nuclear missile” supplied by the US Special Command to Taiwan’s special forces.

Netizens said that once a war conflict occurs in the Taiwan Strait, it will be beneficial to Taiwan’s special forces, Japan and the United States to jointly defend against the CCP’s military attack on Taiwan. These “miniature medium and long-range cruise nuclear missiles” are a weapon to counter the CCP.

I have not received any confirmation, so I cannot be sure whether the news is true or not. However, since the CCP has stepped up its military threat to Taiwan, the United States has the possibility of enhancing Taiwan’s defense capabilities and defense system. In fact, in December last year, the US State Department had approved Taiwan’s request to purchase dozens of short-range ballistic missiles.

If the news reported by netizens is true, it means that Taiwan’s defense system has undergone a major upgrade and even has the ability to counter attacks.

Public information shows that cruise missiles can carry traditional warheads or nuclear warheads. The minimum range of medium-range missiles is several hundred kilometers, and the range of long-range missiles exceeds 1,000 kilometers.

If it is flying at supersonic or subsonic speeds and has self-guidance capabilities, then this will pose a potential threat to Beijing Zhongnanhai. The Beijing authorities really have to seriously consider whether or not to attack Taiwan.

If the CCP pushes Taiwan in a hurry, and the United States has really provided Taiwan with “miniature medium and long-range cruise nuclear missiles.” At this time, will Taiwan “shoot people first, shoot horses, and capture thieves and kings first”?

There is a saying on the football field that “offensive is the best defense,” then will this theory appear on the battlefield? The leaders of Beijing should weigh in.

The CCP threatens too much, Asia slides into an arms race

I said in the program on the 16th that when countries around the world realize and feel the threat of the CCP, it is impossible for people to ignore it. Countries in the world will definitely take precautions and respond accordingly. In particular, the closer you are to the threat, the stronger people’s reaction will be.

Reuters today (20th) quoted analysts as saying that small Asian countries and regions that were once outside the incident have also begun to build long-range missile arsenals, and Asia is entering a dangerous arms race.

The article pointed out that the CCP is mass-producing the Dongfeng-26 ballistic missile, which is a multi-purpose weapon with a range of up to 4,000 kilometers. The United States is also developing new weapons to contend with the CCP in the Pacific region. “Out of worries about China (the CCP) and the desire to reduce dependence on the United States,” other countries in the Asian region are buying or developing their own new missiles.

Mike Rogers, a senior member of the U.S. House of Representatives Armed Services Committee, told Reuters that despite doubts, the United States “will continue to encourage allies and partners to invest in defense capabilities that are suitable and coordinated.”

Reuters pointed out that Australia recently announced that it will spend $100 billion in the development of advanced missiles within 20 years. Japan has spent millions of dollars on long-range air-launched weapons and is developing a new type of vehicle-mounted anti-ship missile with a range of 1,000 kilometers. South Korea’s ballistic missile program is the strongest. The Xuanwu-4 missile has a range of 800 kilometers and can penetrate deep into China.

Taiwan has not publicly announced its ballistic missile program, but Taiwan is producing weapons on a large scale and developing the “Yunfeng” cruise missile with a range that can cover Beijing.

DPP legislator Wang Dingyu pointed out, “In the past, the hedgehog tactics didn’t have to be so long because the communist army’s capabilities were not so great… Now Taiwan must adjust the hedgehog tactics, and the thorns are longer.”

The chairman of the Pacific Forum, David Santoro, pointed out that “the map of missiles in Asia is changing, and it is changing very quickly.” Before the end of this decade, Asia will have a large number of conventional missiles, flying farther, faster, more powerful, and more advanced.

Santoro believes that this “missile proliferation will encourage suspicion, trigger an arms race, increase tensions, and ultimately lead to crises and even wars.”

I don’t know if the CCP will cause a war in the future, will there be a situation of group attack. But it is true that the arms race in Asia is caused by the increasing threat of the CCP.

The CCP’s constant pressure, threats, and provocations against these countries have made them feel that their national security has been challenged. If in the future there is a situation where international coalition forces will eliminate the CCP, I will not be surprised.

A major breakthrough in Taiwan’s diplomacy, Lithuania is worth learning

This morning (20th), the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China Wu Zhaoxie announced that a “Taiwan Representative Office” will be established in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania in the Baltic States. This is the first official representative office established by Taiwan in Europe with the proper name of Taiwan, and it is also Taiwan’s re-establishment of representative offices in European countries in the past 18 years.

Wu Zhaoxie said that the establishment of a representative office in Lithuania “highlights Taiwan’s determination to actively expand substantive relations with European countries, and it is a manifestation of the achievements of Taiwan-EU relations and is of great significance.” The Lithuanian government has proactively stated on many occasions that it will set up an office in Taiwan this fall. This will bring the relationship between the two parties to the next level.

President Su Zhenchang said that Lithuania is the front line of oppression by the enemy, but the whole country insists on freedom, democracy, and human rights, which is very admirable.

President Tsai Ing-wen of the Republic of China also confirmed through Facebook that the establishment of an office in Lithuania is an “important diplomatic breakthrough.”

Yesterday (19th), a column in the British “Times” stated that Lithuania’s actions against the Chinese Communist Party and the dictatorship are worth learning from all countries. Columnist Lucas pointed out that the foreign and China policies of major European countries including Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, as well as the European Union, are generally disappointing. In comparison, Lithuania is unique.

Lucas believes that Lithuania is the first to set an example in direct confrontation with Beijing, leading other countries to resist the demands of the CCP. Lithuania, which loves freedom, deserves more support from allies, and the world of freedom and democracy should praise and assist Lithuania.

Lithuania upsets the CCP and helps Taiwan’s international exposure

Taiwan has made a major diplomatic breakthrough, and the establishment of a new “Taiwan Representative Office” in a country with diplomatic relations with the CCP shows that the CCP’s diplomatic blockade and suppression of Taiwan has become less and less vigorous.

As you all know, Taiwan also set up a “Taiwan Representative Office” in Somalia, Africa last year, but Somalia does not have diplomatic relations with the CCP, so the CCP’s response was not violent.

But Lithuania is different. This European country has diplomatic relations with the CCP. This has set a precedent for the establishment of a “Taiwan Office” in a country with diplomatic relations with the CCP. The significance of this is immeasurable. So you can imagine how upset the CCP is.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China Zhao Lijian said today (20th) that he “resolutely opposes” any form of official exchanges between countries with diplomatic ties with Taiwan and urges Lithuania to “abide by its commitment to establish diplomatic relations.” He also “warned” the Taiwan authorities that “Taiwan independence” is a dead end, and so on.

Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Communist Party of China, claimed that he opposes the development of official relations between countries with diplomatic relations with Taiwan and that “the purpose of setting up a “office” is to seek “independence.”

It’s funny to see the CCP’s reaction. The CCP always wants to swallow Taiwan. Since “Taiwan independence” is “a dead end,” isn’t this in line with the CCP’s intentions? Then let them go, why bother so yelling and what kind of “warnings”? Since Lithuania is developing diplomatic relations with Taiwan, does it still care about the opposition of the CCP?

In fact, Taiwan’s major diplomatic breakthroughs have been helped by the CCP. Without the CCP’s threat of suppressing Taiwan, Taiwan may not have so much international exposure, and it is unlikely to be noticed by the international community.

Ding Shufan, an emeritus professor at Chengchi University, told Free Asia, “China (the CCP) helped us. The exposure of Taiwan was purely China (the CCP). Xi Jinping has made mistakes in policies in the past few years, including dealing with Xinjiang, Hong Kong, military aircraft and warships. The circumvention of Taiwan has aroused international anti-China (anti-communist) sentiment and turned to support Taiwan.”

Wang Zhisheng, secretary-general of the China Asia-Pacific Elite Exchange Association, said that from the perspective of global diplomatic competition, Taiwan has been able to plant another flag in Europe for the first time in 18 years, highlighting that the world’s diplomatic breakthroughs with the CCP and Taiwan are becoming more and more loose, and they want to establish with Taiwan. Substantial economic and trade interaction, and counteract Beijing’s pressure.

Wang Zhisheng believes that the “Lithuania model” may serve as a new example. In other words, the more the CCP suppresses Taiwan, the more “Lithuania” may appear in the world; the more the CCP suppresses Taiwan, the more it will help Taiwan develop international diplomacy.

Hundreds of people in Zhengzhou subway are in danger, no one responds

Next, we have to pay attention to the situation in the mainland. Today (20th) morning, at around 10 p.m. China time this evening, three netizens sent me almost the same news.

The news broke that there was a passenger with more than one car on the Zhengzhou subway in Henan, and “several hundred people” were trapped in the middle section of Beach Temple and Shakou Road. When the message was sent, the water level had already covered the chest of an adult male, and the water level was still rising, and the situation was extremely critical.

In the video passed by netizens, it can be seen that the water in the carriage is almost reaching people’s necks, and everyone’s expressions are very nervous.

Netizens’ mobile phone screenshots showed that the water was so pressured that they “can’t speak anymore.” “In 20 minutes, if there is no rescue, hundreds of people will be killed in Zhengzhou Metro.” A netizen said, “I am crying for help with tears.”

These situations are very worrying, and I am deeply worried for them. But netizens broke the news that the news of help from the trapped people sank inside the wall, and the 119 fire police and 110 police officers could not get through.

Netizens hope that I can help spread the voice, “Let more people know”, “I hope they can be rescued successfully.” But a few hours have passed since our program was broadcast. I can only pray for them in my heart, praying for them to be safe.

I replied to netizens who broke the news in my emails, and I sent help messages, and people would not care about them when they saw it. At this time, posts such as “Down with the Communist Party of China” and “The Heaven Exterminates the Chinese Communist Party” should be posted. Internet police will see them soon, and there may be police officers coming soon.

Later, the Epoch Times reporter learned that at about 10:30, the people in the subway had been rescued. But another video showed that after the rescue, several bodies were placed on the platform of the subway station.

To be honest, I really feel sorry for the mainland compatriots. Unfortunately, I was born in China ruled by the CCP. When there was danger and life was hanging by a thread, the party was no longer found. Where did the CCP officials go? Where did the CCP police go?

Continuous heavy rainfall in Henan and many places in critical condition

The situation of Zhengzhou subway is caused by heavy rainfall. In fact, at 12:55 local time today (20th), the Henan Meteorological Department once again issued a red rainstorm warning.

Local media reported that the entire Zhengzhou city was in emergency, all subways were suspended, and road traffic was suspended. Many subway entrances and exits are temporarily closed, and some subway stations leak rain like “water curtain holes.”

I don’t know how these passengers were trapped in the subway. Didn’t the subway transportation department take any measures? Why does the subway stop and allow passengers to board?

According to the forecast by the Meteorological Department, local time from 8pm to 8pm on the 21st, there will be torrential rain to heavy rain in central and northern Henan, of which there will be extremely heavy rain in the northern region, with precipitation of 250-270 mm. From the night of today to the day of the 22nd, the cumulative rainfall in the central and northern regions is 50-150 mm, and in some areas 250-350 mm.

The Henan floods in the circle of friends have been screened, but CCTV is broadcasting floods in Europe. Netizens ridiculed that they thought it was Zhengzhou, but after a closer look, they found out that it was Europe.

Under heavy rainfall, not only Zhengzhou was in critical condition, but floods occurred in many places in Henan today (20th). The precipitation in Jiliao Town, Ruzhou, Pingdingshan, Henan is more than 200 mm, and the roads are heavily flooded. Local government staff said that the rain was still falling and many cars were washed away by the flood.

A villager in Jiliang Town, whose alias is Zhang Xing, told The Epoch Times that it rained all night yesterday (19th), and the upstream dike breached, causing flooding. He said that he had never seen such a big flood in the local area for more than ten years.

Zhang Xing introduced, “I heard that two children were washed away. One of them was hung on a tree and was picked up. One child was washed away and the parents could not find it.”

Heavy rain fell in many villages in Gongyi, Henan, roads turned into rivers, and vehicles were washed away by water. “Henan Metropolis Daily” reported today (20th) that Mihe Town, Gongyi City was blocked by stagnant water due to continuous heavy rains. The signal tower was collapsed and some signals were interrupted.

Many netizens posted posts asking for attention and help. Some netizens said, “There have been landslides, power outages, and disconnections everywhere. There was a power outage in the urban area this morning. In the afternoon, my hometown called and said that the house had collapsed.”

Some netizens said, “If you have channels, can you send more information to help. Many villages and towns in Gongyi have been washed out by the heavy rain. Many people can’t be contacted. Can you let the relevant departments come to rescue?”

Some said, “Help, Gongyi can’t survive, it’s too deep, the torrential rains and torrential floods, the house collapsed and it was all flooded to the second floor. There are also roofs, big trees, telephone poles, all collapsed, and no one is saved. .. Water and electricity and food…I have not experienced how serious it is at all…Please pay attention to the Gongyi torrential rain!!! Please pay attention to the Gongyi mountain torrents!!!”

A netizen said, “In my house in Dayugou, Gongyi, the room leaked so much that it was pumped, and the power went out, and the water couldn’t get out. The village was asked to evacuate, and there were dozens of sheep in the house that were thrown away. “

Another netizen said, “The whole village in Heluo Town, Gongyi, was flooded, and all the cars in the village were washed out. It is said that a three-story building collapsed, and the couple was buried underneath and have not been rescued yet. Can you send a rescue team over there?”

Take a long time to cover your tears, and mourn the hardship of people’s livelihood. Qu Yuan’s words more than two thousand years ago are more like talking about China under the rule of the CCP today.

I pray for the fathers and villagers in Henan, and also pray for all the people in China to be safe and sound. But I also hope that every compatriot in China will seriously think about it: Although there are natural and man-made disasters in all countries in the world, why are there so many natural disasters in China? Where is the root cause?

Gaofu gets 3 shots of imported vaccine? No market for domestic vaccines?

While I was compiling the contents of the floods in Henan, a netizen in Tianjin broke the news to me that public schools and private schools in Nankai District have set up vaccination points. Parents do not get vaccinated and cannot go to school to pick up their children, thus forcing parents of students to get vaccinated.

Netizens also revealed a situation where the Chinese Communist Party’s official targets for vaccination are set at various levels, which are linked to staff bonuses. Therefore, in order to complete the task, the staff will spend a high price to buy a vaccine for people, with a maximum of one thousand yuan.

Netizens said in the news that there is a migrant worker from Lizhuangzi Village, Dasi Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin, who is a young man. Hearing that money was given for vaccination, I went to various places to get vaccination, but died suddenly in late June.

Netizens repeatedly stated in the email that the information is accurate. In fact, netizens don’t need to emphasize, we have mentioned this situation several times in previous programs. In order to pursue the vaccination rate, the CCP uses various methods to force or trick people into vaccinating.

I have reminded you many times that the vaccine produced in mainland China must not be believed, it is a gambling with one’s own life. Because the CCP will not let people know the truth about the vaccine.

A netizen sent me a picture showing how the authorities trained medical staff to fill in cases of abnormal vaccination reactions. The above clearly shows, “You can’t write…symptoms after vaccination, you can only write…symptoms”, “You can’t write the words vaccination before the onset of illness, you can only write what symptoms appear on xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, 2021.”

It also says, “Diagnosis: You cannot write adverse reactions to the new crown vaccination. If you are really allergic, you can write allergic reactions or shock. Other factors such as dizziness, convulsions, etc., cannot be added to the diagnosis. “.

After reading this picture, do you understand a question? In Taiwan, in Hong Kong, and in the United States, there have been cases of death after vaccination. However, there is not a single death case in mainland China, and there are no reports of common adverse reactions.

What’s the reason? As long as you think normally, you should be able to figure it out. It’s not that there are no problems, but the CCP has concealed it. It does not give you a normal diagnosis, and it does not admit that something went wrong with the vaccination. But in fact, the CCP itself is very aware of the quality of China’s vaccines.

Gao Fu, director of the Chinese Communist Party’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, admitted on the 17th that he had already received the third dose of a “different” vaccine. In an exclusive interview with the official media “Global People”, he said, “Now I have taken the third dose of a vaccine produced by a different manufacturer using a different technology, and I haven’t felt any discomfort.”

Do you think Gaofu will be vaccinated domestically? Could the vaccines he called “different technologies” and “produced by different manufacturers” be vaccines produced by different domestic companies? Could it be a vaccine imported from a foreign country?

At a seminar on April 10, he publicly stated that domestic vaccines are “not highly protective.” As a senior official in the CCP’s health sector, Gao Fu knows who has passed the vaccine and whose vaccine has not passed the test.

Thailand has just released a research report, and they found that in people who are fully vaccinated with Koshin vaccine, the body’s antibodies drop by half every 40 days. Since last week, Thailand has changed its vaccination strategy from two doses of Coxing vaccine to one dose of Coxing plus one dose of AZ vaccine.

Indonesia also announced last week that it would administer a Modena booster to medical staff who received the Koxing vaccine. Malaysia also announced that it will switch to Pfizer vaccine after the fight against Coxing.

In recent months, countries with high vaccination rates, such as the Arab Emirates, Seychelles, Mongolia, Chile, and Uruguay, have experienced severe waves of infections. These countries are mainly vaccinated with the two vaccines, Kexing and Sinopharm.

On July 15, the world-renowned medical journal “The Lancet” published a study by the University of Hong Kong. After studying more than 1,000 patients, it was found that Kexing vaccine produced 10 times fewer antibodies than Pfizer vaccine. In other words, the effective rate of Kexing vaccine is only one-tenth that of Pfizer vaccine.

If the vaccine has no effect on anti-virus, will it be harmful to the human body if it is injected into the human body?

“True China” Painting Exhibition

Next, I will continue to show you the works of the “True China” call for paintings.

The name of the first painting is “CCP Epidemic Prevention”. There are many people from far to near on the screen. The people in the upper left corner are walking towards a devil holding a blood dripping sickle. The head of the devil is the image of the CCP virus. It puts ropes of different colors on those people’s heads.

People who are covered with ropes have different colors on the ropes around their necks. Some are green, some are yellow, and some are red.

Netizens stated in the text that this picture is showing the essence of the evil CCP’s epidemic prevention work for domestic people. The anti-epidemic propagated by the CCP is essentially to further control people. Using the so-called health code to restrict people’s movements is like putting a rope around a person’s neck.

Netizens said that domestic people cannot understand the true situation of the epidemic and can only judge whether they are healthy based on the health code on their mobile phones. The CCP controls whether the rope around the neck is loose or tight. People frequently cooperate with relevant departments to carry out nucleic acid tests, knowing that the domestic vaccine is a serious problem, they have to take the risk to fight.

“CCP Epidemic Prevention.” (Provided by viewers of news highlights)

Netizens wrote that what the CCP does is not for people’s health. If it is really for epidemic prevention, why not tell people the real information? All they do is use big data to further control people. He said, “Now the people in China are like pigs on the slaughterhouse assembly line. I don’t know why the roads they can walk are getting narrower and there are fewer and fewer pigs around…”

According to netizens, the black thing with a sickle is the evil CCP. It has a snake’s tail, which shows that it is not a human being. The head is the image of a virus, indicating that the virus comes from itself.

This picture vividly and intuitively reflects the true purpose of the CCP’s anti-epidemic and vaccination efforts. In the early days, the CCP used health codes to control people’s movements, but now it uses vaccines to restrict people. At different times, the CCP has something to control the people.

The second painting was created by a Taiwanese friend, and the name is “The Enemy of the Chinese.” At the top of the screen, there is a red little person with five stars replaced by the CCP virus on his head. Obviously, this refers to the CCP. The CCP is saying, “Don’t forget the Nanjing Massacre.”

Under the CCP, there are nine cows, representing the “Suppression Movement”, “Land Reform Movement”, “Korean War”, “Industrial and Commercial Reform”, “Suppression Movement”, “Anti-Rightist Movement”, “Great Leap Forward”, “Cultural Revolution catastrophe” and “family planning”. In addition, there are many more in the lower right corner, including “64”, “Falungong” and so on.

“The Enemy of the Chinese.” (Provided by viewers of news highlights)

Netizens stated in the text that the Communist bandits now always use the history of Japanese invasion to promote Japan as an enemy, while the bandit leader Mao Zedong thanked the Japanese Imperial Army for the invasion. But in fact, who is the enemy that killed the most Chinese people? It’s the Chinese Communist Party. In contrast, the Chinese killed by Japan and the Chinese killed by the CCP are only a fraction of the difference.

Thanks to the two brilliant paintings, which present the real China on different levels. I hope everyone will participate in this activity, save people, and record history with paintbrushes, which is very meaningful. As long as everyone continues to submit contributions to support us, this section will continue.

Please send your works to our e-mail address [email protected] I will show it in the program and upload it to YouLoke website. If you want to see the previous works, you can go to the YouLucky website to watch them, and like your favorite works (Real China: Painting Collection Activity | YouLucky).

In addition, when everyone is submitting, please introduce the content of your paintings. Because I found that some works are well drawn, but there are some creative elements, we can not accurately grasp the author’s intention. So we need some explanations, which can help us better understand the meaning of the work.

If your work is a secondary creation based on someone else’s work, please also explain where it was originally made. This is not only to respect the original author, but also to avoid the problem of copyright infringement.

Recently, I often see news about “the CCP has no money.” Is the CCP really out of money? It’s not. The Chinese people who have no money are the Chinese people, and the poor are the Chinese people. The CCP is actually very rich. Not only is it rich, the CCP burns money endlessly.

In today’s Hongchao watch point, let’s talk to you about whether the CCP is really out of money. Everyone is welcome to learn more in the member area of ​​YouLok. The URL of our membership website is http://muyangshow.com, and there is also http://youlucky.biz.

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