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News hit the spot : Check the electric tuk-tuk, is there a chance to grow in Thailand?

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Our news team finds out about the Tuk Tuk Promotion Policy. Electricity according to the Energy Efficiency Plan 2015 – 2036, or the new Energy Efficiency Plan (EEP) 2015 of the Ministry of Energy, found that the goal is to reduce the country’s energy consumption intensity to 30 percent or 51,700 ktoe (kiloton oil equivalent). ) By 2036, compared to 2010, especially in the transportation sector, the energy conservation target is 30,213 ktoe (kilotons of oil equivalent).

In the tuk-tuk It is the first target group from 2016 – 2017 with the “Project Supporting the Conversion of Tuk-Tuks into Electric Tuk-Tuks”, aiming to replace 100 old tuk-tuks, which use oil and LPG, into pilot electric tuk-tuks. The first since 2018, then will gradually replace 22,000 cars nationwide within 5 years to reduce oil consumption and reduce emissions.

But when checking with the Department of Land Transport found that the said goals, which are due next year Now there is a tuk-tuk Electricity registered distributed in different areas, only 257 cars, if you think based on this number than tuk-tuks. Electric vehicles will reach the target of 22,000 vehicles, it will take 1,285 years. Both in private license plates and hired, both using different types of fuel. and electricity included in the system, totaling 20,626 cars

Although the number of electric tuk tuks has gradually shifted, the Thai Industrial Standards Board or TISI Board continues to approve a total of 33 standards related to electric vehicles in August last year. One of these has a standard tuk-tuk. electricity included when drilling down to the standard It was found that there are requirements for testing electric tuk-tuks with electric motor rated power of 4 kilowatts or more, for example:

1. General characteristics
2. Safety will test both sides cornering balance, braking system, water protection and electromagnetic compatibility
3. The rate of electrical energy consumption must meet the requirements
4. In terms of performance, the driving distance will be tested.

Since the government’s policy on electric cars came out, the TISI has announced a total of 82 standards related to electric vehicles and 15 more are in the process. It is expected that this year, 97 will be announced to prepare for the upgrade of the automotive industry. country’s motor fully enter the electric vehicle industry and maintain the production base To be the leader in automotive and parts of ASEAN

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