News Lean to pay the shop half the amount as originally scheduled

Ministry of Finance Confirm the payment of the project “half per person” back to the store as originally scheduled and this November 11 will open the registration round In order to fully participate in both merchants and the public

Ms. Ratchada Thanadirek, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha is satisfied with the “half-person” project that people and shops accept to spend through the project. This helps reduce the burden of daily expenses and the widespread income of the hawker community and the stalls that earn extra income.

The Ministry of Finance reported that there are 502,300 merchants registered to the project, 7.1 million registered users, 7,629 million baht spending, an average spending of 216 baht per time, and on November 11th, the program will open for registration. ” Half each “round 2, via the website www. halfway. com from 06.00-23.00 hrs. in order for the public to register to exercise the rights of 10 million people and complete the 1 million stores as planned. The Prime Minister also urged to accelerate the understanding of the shops. Who are still worried and do not trust the electronic payment system and use the application Ready to remind If there is an opportunity to charge a product higher or a transaction without real trading Will immediately suspend the use of the application And proceeding under the illegal base of fraud

Ms. Suphak Chaiyawan, Deputy Director of the Fiscal Policy Office or NESDB, confirmed that there will be no extension of the merchant payment time to 3-5 days as proposed by Krung Thai Bank after the AI ​​system detects the fault. Normalization of transactions in the project Which will continue to pay back the store within the next day as originally scheduled In order not to affect the financial liquidity of properly operated merchants, including the Ministry of Finance has a fraud detection system. Manageable But asked for cooperation with the public and merchants To follow the project criteria and conditions


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