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The Duke and Queen Sussex were planning to move to their new house, Frogmore Cottage, for some time. However, more than anticipated refurbishment of the country estate took place and the couple only moved in early April, before the birth of their first child. Since it was announced that the Sussexes were leaving Kensington Palace at the end of 2018 and the split of Kate Middleton and Prince William became clearer, rumors spread between Meghan and Kate.

However, in 2019, the documentary “Royal Baby”, Emily Nash's royal correspondent claimed that the reason for the relocation was not related to “royal feud” and that it was a “no brain”.

She explained: "The move to Frogmore will give them more time to become a family unit away from prying eyes."

“Kensington Palace is a great place, as part of a large community.

"They know that London was all on the other side.

"In the Great Frog they have a lot of space to breathe and, of course, they are in the middle of Windsor Great Park so there is plenty of rural and open freedom for a child.

"It's not incredible."

Regarding the competition between Meghan and Kate, Ms Nash said: "I think this competition story is very popular.

"I think there may have been some comments before but Kate is talking about how exciting it is that there will be a new child in the family and a cousin of her children.

"I am sure there will be many family events in the future."

With Sussex Week's judgment in the coming weeks, speculation is growing as to when the royal child will come.

Some feel that the Bank will give birth in late April or early May, as it revealed during a visit to Birkenhead, Merseyside, in January.

According to the Daily Star Sunday, the Queen could choose to deliver her baby in a birth pool.

The paper reported Prince Harry's friend as he said: “No one was surprised when we discovered that she was talking about the birth of water.

“She seems to want to be as natural as possible: no drugs, no caesareans and so on.

“This is the next logical step from her yoga, mediation and so on.

“It is clear that, when she comes to work, she could, in medical terms, go in the normal way.

“But now the plan is the water she was born, are they saying.” T

As Meghan and Harry announced that they are to keep the arrangements for the birth of their first private child.

It is claimed that Twitter is the same place that royal fans should be looking out for the baby announcement.

Kate and William's family knocked on Prince Louis sometimes from birth, and they were waiting eagerly to provide information to the royal royal king.

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