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News of death after vaccination, could it be because of birth control pills?

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A woman in a Facebook post questioned her friend who regularly took a “birth control pill” and went to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Before death Was a blood clot detected in the lungs, the doctor urged to prove that it was related to a vaccine?

From the case of Ms. Narilin Angthong, age 32, a native of Yala Province Have abnormal symptoms After COVID-19 vaccination Who was admitted to the hospital for 9 days before his death The friend of the deceased has chased the timeline as follows.

May 14, 2021: Miss Narilin went to receive sinovac vaccine after injection and noticed symptoms for 30 minutes without any abnormal symptoms.

19 May 2021: Ms. Naririn asked to leave her job, saying she felt unwell. In the evening, the line said that the admit Said that suddenly flashed Feeling the heart palpitations before fainting Which Ms. Narilin informed me that this was the first fainting in her life The doctor asked the doctor to see the symptoms. During the admit blood test, lung x-ray, EKG, pressure measurement every 2 hours and check for COVID, the results are all normal. With low pressure only Doctors diagnosed that the cause was low pressure, stress, office syndrome, less rest, recommended exercise.

20 May 2021: discharge

May 22, 2021: Miss Narilin already said better. If you do not go up and down the stairs

May 27, 2021: Around 7:30 AM, Miss Narilin’s girlfriend calls and informs that Miss Narilin arrest 6 rounds and has not gone up yet. Her husband hurries to the hospital. The seventh But giving a lot of medication Is about to take Miss Narilin to do CT while waiting to talk to Miss Narilin’s girlfriend. Tell me In the morning I woke up to see Miss Narilin going to the bathroom for a while and heard a loud bang and then went to look and saw June collapsed on the floor. Scattered belongings Like June’s Pa Try to make a loud noise so that you can hear it when you encounter it. But without saying anything, the boyfriend hurriedly called an ambulance. While waiting for the car to tune in My girlfriend waited until the car came. CT scan result found a blood clot in the lungs (PE). I had to wear the ecmo machine at 2 pm. The younger sister at the hospital called to tell her husband that Miss Narin had died at 6 o’clock in the evening.

While people post Who is a friend of the deceased I had left chest pain for 3-4 days. I was worried, so I called Dr. Cardio and told me about Miss Naririn. The first question that I asked him to take birth control pills? Because they are already taking high blood clotting pills Vaccination may increase the chances of this happening. When looking for information on what to do before getting vaccinated? Found, but do not eat coffee Take a good rest, eat a lot of water.
Regarding taking birth control pills, I did not find any information.

Which came out to share this story Because what happened is very close Go get vaccinated together Who would have thought that another person would die? That’s not to say it’s because Ms. Naririn’s vaccine may already be at risk of developing blood clots. But an injectable vaccine may also increase the chances of this happening. At the very least, June’s death should be some advice for those who will be vaccinated. Understand that the COVID vaccine is the new vaccine Various reactions to the body Or to the drugs that we take in the body, still unable to tell for sure But having the vaccine had various side effects The responsible agency should include information. And summarize it as a suggestion As in the case of tuning If before, there were suggestions

** Recommendations for those who take birth control pills for a long time If the medication you are taking is unnecessary or if you stop taking it, it is not life-threatening. Suggest that you should stop the drug before what time is informed. Before getting vaccinated
June might not have died. It’s not anything that can’t be said because of the vaccine. Keep blaming all kinds of punishments but not accepting

Friends of the deceased questioned if the vaccination triggers a blood clot. And from the NHSO announcement in case of death, permanent disability, or chronic illness that requires lifelong treatment, pay no more than four hundred thousand baht. Is there any case that says “Caused by vaccines”

While the director of Hat Yai Hospital came out to clarify and urgently investigate the death of a beauty clinic employee. Relatives wondered if they were involved in the COVID-19 vaccination.

In this case, Dr. Pirapong Phawasuthipaisit, MD. The director of Hat Yai Hospital said that the victim was actually vaccinated at Hat Yai Hospital. Since the date of May 14, 2021, the cause of death from why. A team of medical professionals is proving exactly what the cause is. Will it be related to the COVID-19 vaccination? There is no need to wait for the exact results of the investigation. The results of the verification will be reported to the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Public Health will continue to provide clear information.

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