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News of the death toll, up to 53 people today, continue to move forward Phuket Sandbox

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Great point 7 colors – death from Covid-19 today (30 June. Oh my god. ) the highest 53 people made the death toll through 2,000 people, while almost 2,000 patients are in severe condition, but Prof. Asking for Be confident in the plan to open the country to start the Phuket Sandbox project that will start tomorrow (1 July)

By Prof. reported new infections today (June 30), totaling 4,786 people, bringing the total number of patients to 259,301, with 2,415 more recovered patients, a total of 207,479 recovered, 49,799 are currently in treatment. This number is worrisome. 1,911 people with severe symptoms and 556 on ventilators.

As for the fatalities today, as many as 53 people are Thais, 49 people and 4 foreigners, including 2,023 people have died, making Thailand more recent deaths than South Korea. And it ranks 73rd in the world for the number of infected people.

Bangkok has 108 clusters to watch out for, two of which are new clusters, while other provinces have found new clusters at factories in Samut Prakan. and construction camp in Surat Thani

The issuance of the terms and conditions To receive the opening of the Phuket Sandbox project tomorrow (July 1), the NCPO urges the public to be confident in the project’s guidelines. and allowing foreign tourists to enter There will be 249 tourists from 4 flights and the Prime Minister will visit the area to join the activities to open the country to foreign tourists. which is expected to spread almost 9 billion baht during July-September.

All tourists have preventive measures before they travel. by having to be tested for infection Have certificates, have insurance and have received vaccinations. who will stay in Thailand for at least 14 days and have periodic testing

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