News spread Wisut can’t resist the pressure, ask to leave for 7 colors of wig

Professor Wisut Yingupakarn, Interim President of 7 Color Boxing Ring Technique, was in the position for less than 4 months and announced his resignation. caused by a problem of opinion Do not worry about boxing fans so often that the head of the group evacuates and refuses to fight the wig of 7 colors.

After that news spread Professor Wisut Yingupakarn’s assistant The Interim President of Channel 7’s boxing ring technique decided to resign ahead of the meeting. Only an official letter of resignation remains. By admitting that he received a lot of pressure from performing duties on the job and after the job. In addition to the burden of work and having to take on more responsibility, he therefore asked to end the 7-colour wig committee just like this.

is leftChannel 7 Boxing Stadium There was a meeting of the Board of Directors. along with a press conference on Sunday, November 26, by reaffirming the arena’s work position for boxing fans to recognize the work process in boxing judging Including the management Talk about opening the colors of Muay Thai page 7 to explain in case of problems boxing for boxing fans to recognize the facts.

Most recently, the reporter was revealed by Assistant Professor Wisut Yingupakarn, Acting President of Channel 7 Boxing Circle Technique, that he had decided to resign before the meeting last week, which the management had already been informed about. Only he has not officially submitted his resignation. He has served as a director in this forum since last April. I admit that I faced a lot of pressure. Which is normal for the boxing industry to come across this before the event and after the event.

“My work was mainly based on the Boxing Sports Act 1999. Boxing referees are not paperwork. It must be said according to the situation that is happening. Combined with now that I have accepted the position of midfield director. Rajamangala Krungthep University of Technology must take care of the responsibility 11 parties do not have enough time to do their duty here. So I decided to resign and do my best to do my best work in direct responsibility,” revealed Assistant Professor Wisut.

For Asst. until he received the Best Director of the Year Award before coming to serve as a referee at the Rangsit International Boxing Stadium before taking on the role of Channel 7 director

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