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News: Xi Jinping orders the army to increase pressure on Taiwan’s military | harassment | Epoch Times

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[Epoch Times October 07, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Zhang Ting comprehensive report) The CCP has recently increased its efforts to send military aircraft to invade Taiwan’s southwest air defense identification zone, which has aroused public attention. Japanese media quoted people familiar with the matter on Tuesday (October 5) as revealing that Chinese President Xi Jinping instructed the Chinese Communist military to increase military pressure on the southwestern region of Taiwan.

Xi Jinping instructs the Military Commission to increase pressure

According to Kyodo News Agency (Kyodo News Agency), Xi Jinping’s instructions were made at a recent meeting of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China. Prior to this, six democratic countries including the United States and Japan conducted joint military exercises near Taiwan. It was the three US and British aircraft carriers that participated in this exercise near Okinawa.

The countries participating in the joint military exercise last weekend were the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands and New Zealand.

According to the report, it is believed that Xi Jinping believes that democracies led by the United States conducted military exercises in the waters southwest of Okinawa, the southernmost tip of Japan, to prevent Beijing from unifying Taiwan and also to prevent Beijing from gaining Japanese control of the Senkaku Islands (the mainland called the Diaoyu Islands). The CCP claims sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands.

This Monday (October 4), the CCP sent 56 military aircraft to invade Taiwan’s Southwest Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). This is the largest number of military aircraft since Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense disclosed the status of CCP’s military aircraft on September 17 last year. From October 1st to 4th, the CCP sent a total of 149 military aircraft to disrupt Taiwan in 4 days.

A person familiar with the situation told Kyodo News that at a meeting of the Central Military Commission, Xi Jinping said that China should show that it is “ready to fight at any time,” but in reality, the mainland hopes to avoid a head-on confrontation with the United States.

The United States condemned the CCP’s recent disturbance of Taiwan for undermining regional security and stability. White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said that the United States urges China to stop military, diplomatic, and economic pressure and coercion against Taiwan, and once again reiterated that the United States’ commitment to Taiwan is rock solid.

On Tuesday (October 5), Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen said that Taiwan will not succumb under pressure. She wrote in the US “Foreign Affairs” magazine that even if the CCP’s military aircraft disrupt Taiwan every day, “our position on cross-strait relations remains unchanged, that is, Taiwan will not succumb to pressure, but it will not take risks.”

Expert: The CCP is playing psychological warfare and intimidation

The US “Stars and Stripes” quoted Norah Huang, director of international relations at the Prospect Foundation, Taipei’s security and foreign affairs think tank, as saying that since last year, the CCP’s aircraft has been Flew into Taiwan’s airspace, but the number of fighters that recently invaded has aroused the attention of the outside world.

She said in a telephone interview on Wednesday that these intrusions sent a stronger message, which security experts called psychological warfare and intimidation.

“This kind of action will not win the hearts of the people of Taiwan.” She said, noting that even Taiwan’s opposition politicians blamed Beijing for these invasions.

Huang said that the Chinese Communist Party’s military activities may also be aimed at putting pressure on the Biden administration not to advance the renaming plan of the Taiwanese mission in the United States.

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