20 minutes – A black activist cut off from the group photo


Davos, five climate activists appeared before the media on Friday to take stock of the WEF. A photo taken on this occasion and published shortly after by the Associated Press (AP) press agency aroused the indignation of many people. On the picture, we can see that only four of the five workers appear, that is to say all the women of Caucasian type. In contrast, Ugandan Vanessa Nakate was cut from the photo.

The image spread around the world, which did not escape the young woman of 23 years. In a video post on Twitter, she summed up her hectic Davos week and fought against tears, before finally crying.

Now I know the definition of the word racism

Only four hours after the media demonstration, the AP photo agency provided the complete photo with the five climate activists. But the damage was already done, the image of the four white women was widely spread around the world.

Vanessa Nakate told American news site Buzzfeed: I cried because it was so sad, not only because it was racist, but also for Africans. It shows how people view us. It hurt me a lot. It is the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life.

Vanessa Nakate tweeted the two photos and did not only show herself personally concerned: You are not only erasing from the photo, you have also erased an entire continent. And to add: But I am stronger than ever.

The AP press agency has meanwhile removed the edited photo and said there was no bad intention behind the clipping, but artistic thoughts. The photographer had to deliver the shot quickly and cut it that way during editing because he thought the building in the background was disturbing, said PA chief photographer David Ake, the BBC. Subsequently, other images were published, as is always the case when the first photo was taken within a very short time.

Many who supported the activist, including Greta

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