20 minutes – Anyone who says yes to the anti-homo law is kissed


On February 9, Switzerland will vote on whether to extend the anti-racism penal code. Discrimination or agitation against a religion or ethnic group is already punishable today and can even be punished with imprisonment. The law could now also apply to discrimination based on homosexual, hetero- or bisexuality.


Are you going to vote?

National Councilor Angelo Barrile (SP) is in favor of voting yes. He is open to his homosexuality. He had an unconventional idea to thank his voters for supporting him with a yes in the voting campaign: under the name “One vote, one kiss”, there is a kiss for the yes to the extension to the extension of the anti-racism punitive norm the cheek. The campaign has been running since Friday.

«Young people should not believe that they are sick»

“It was a spontaneous idea that I only had at the beginning of the week,” Barrile says to 20 minutes. Again and again he had heard that you could tolerate gays, but that you should stop kissing in public. He doesn’t think that’s right. Queer people are often exposed to discrimination and hate because of their sexual orientation, according to the SP National Council. «Such behavior promotes violence. Some things are already punishable today, but if it comes to that, it will be too late. There is no place for that in our society. »

From his environment, Barrile gets a lot of encouragement for the campaign: «Many find this a good thing. On the one hand, I flirt with the clichés: ‘the gays who distribute Küssli there’ and, on the other hand, it is to be seen as a thank you for being supported as we are. ”His goal – in addition to the positive voting result – is to raise awareness , “I want to ensure that young people also know that they are accepted and that they are not different or sick, just because they are attracted to the same sex, for example,” said the SP National Council. He had pretended and hid himself too long in his youth. Now he wants to act as a role model.

Chances are good

According to Barrile, to take part in the campaign, you can post a photo of the ballot or the closed ballot box on the Internet. Then there would be a handshake, a hug or a kiss at the next meeting with the SP National Council.

The chances of an expansion are good. According to the second wave of the 20-minute survey (as of January 14, 2020), 66 percent want to say yes to extending the anti-racism criminal law to homosexuals and bisexuals. Only 30 percent are against the submission.




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