20 minutes – «He forced me to have sex almost every night»


The cantonal court began the hearing on Tuesday by questioning the 68-year-old suspect and two plaintiffs. As before before the first instance, the man denied the allegations. He demanded acquittal on several charges and a six-month sentence.

The Greek citizen is said to be between 2013 and 2017

employed around a dozen women from Eastern Europe in his restaurant as cheap, low-wage workers – without work and residence permits. He was accused of exploiting the economic plight of women and their dependency.

The man had acted aggressively, put the women under psychological pressure, threatened to be kicked out and withheld wages. Three of the victims also accused him of regularly forcing them to engage in sexual acts.

Lower court convinced of guilt

The district court of St.Gallen found the landlord guilty a year ago, mainly because of various sexual offenses to the disadvantage of three women. He was also found guilty of labor exploitation, violations of foreigners’ rights and debt enforcement crimes.

This punished him with a prison sentence of 12 years

District court far harder than the public prosecutor’s office with 4.5

Years had requested. The sentence was much higher because the district court judged the facts differently.

The suspect appealed. Before the cantonal court, he now asked for acquittal from the allegations of multiple rape, the exploitation of the plight of two women, and the dismissal of most civil lawsuits. The defense lawyer applied for a six-month sentence.

In custody

He also asked for compensation for the detention. The

According to the oral judgment, the restaurant owner was

The lower court was placed in security custody because of the risk of escape and has since been held in a detention center.

The public prosecutor raised follow-up calls and applied

additional guilty verdicts for usury and human trafficking as well as a five-year expulsion order The private plaintiffs apply through their legal representatives to reject the appeal.

The accused denied the allegations to the cantonal court. Rather, it was exploited. His only mistake was that he let the women work in his restaurant without a permit. The sexual contacts with the women were consensual.

Victims feel exploited

The victims described the events very differently from the one

Accused. He had sex practically every night for many weeks

forced by her, said one of the women. You got yourself there

felt terrible and lost. You have almost day and night for

worked him.

The private claimants reported difficult economic conditions in their home country. The wages are hardly enough to survive. This was also the reason why they had hoped for a job in Switzerland. The accused promised them a job.

After the questioning, the cantonal court interrupted the hearing. The party lectures and judgment advice will take place next week.




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