61% of French people in favor of removing the pivotal age, “it’s difficult to learn from these figures” reacts Marlène Schiappa


According to an Odoxa-Dentsu Consulting survey for Franceinfo and Le Figaro, 61% of French people ask for the retirement of the pivotal age of the pension reform project.

“It is difficult to learn from all of these figures”, Marlène Schiappa said on Franceinfo on Wednesday 8 January, while an Odoxa Dentsu Consulting poll for Franceinfo and Le Figaro reveals that 57% of French people want the strike to end and that 61% of those polled ask for the withdrawal of the pivotal age of pension reform.

According to the Secretary of State for Gender Equality, “there are many French people who want the strike to end, among these French people, we can have just as many strikers who are tired of this movement and want to find a more serene situation”.

I think it is difficult to have a uniform reading of this surveyMarlène Schiappa at franceinfo

“Each of us is aware that we have to go towards a compromise, a compromise does not mean to give in, a compromise, it does not mean, all or nothing. Now we must each take a step towards the other There will be a meeting on Friday with the social partners and I hope that we can finally move forward between now and the parliamentary debate “, she hopes.

“The subject: it is how we transform the current pension system which is rather unequal and ineffective and how we arrive at a universal pension system with points which is financed”, defended Marlène Schiappa.“The current pension system not only does not correct inequalities between women and men, but it worsens them with 42% difference”.

On the issue of wages, “with Bruno Le Maire, we are working on a law for equality between women and men in the economy, with in particular the question of extending paternity leave. I want us to lengthen paternity leave in France. It is 11 days only, there are many countries in which it is several weeks or even a month or more in Canada, Sweden, etc. “

“There is a consultation available online on femmeseco.make.org, everyone can go and make their proposals on this subject, on the quotas of women in management of companies and many others. On this consultation that we launched a few weeks ago, we already have 65,000 contributions “, welcomed Marlène Schiappa.


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