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The Tijuana Police are still looking for a couple of migrants based in Los Angeles who traveled to that border city on Friday to collect some income. They were heading to a bank branch to withdraw money and then to A house of change. But since then They have not returned to their home in Southern California.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office of Baja California, Jesús Rubén López Guillén, 70, and his wife María Teresa López, 65, left their home in Garden Grove, in Orange County, around 7:00 a.m. Friday. His plan was to collect the rents of his properties in Tijuana and return to the United States that same day. The total amount they would collect is unknown.

They were left seeing their son-in-law there, who would accompany them to a bank to get money and then change that amount to dollars. Later they would go to their homes in the Obrera neighborhood to collect the income personally and return to the US. But they never did.

“They arrived in Tijuana and went to the bank to get money from some income that they deposited there. That money they took in pesos went to change them to dollars at a exchange house. From there they went to other houses that they have for rent in the Obrera neighborhood to collect money that they were paid in cash. But after that it was no longer known whether they crossed the border or not. They lost track of them, they no longer had contact with them, ”said Raúl Gutiérrez, spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office, in a telephone interview with Univision Noticias.

Family members who filed the complaint with the authorities said that it is not certain that the couple crossed into Mexico aboard your Toyota Tundra truck. This Monday, Tijuana police officers were trying to verify if they were at the bank branch and at the exchange house that were on their itinerary. It is not clear if the elders are also being sought by the authorities in California.

“There are some loose ends that agents are checking. For example, in the exchange house they went to, the bank they went to, if they saw them at certain times to coincide with the schedules, the circumstances. All that is being checked by the agents. In that phase (of the investigation) we are still. We cannot specify anything yet, ”Gutierrez told this media.

It was not possible to contact the relatives of the elderly in California, or in Mexico.

Jesús Rubén López Guillén has been described as a thin man weighing about 60 kilos (132 pounds) and having a height of 1.60 meters (5.2 feet). He is bald, with a light brown complexion, has a thick mustache and small dark brown eyes. He has diabetes. The day he got lost he wore black pants.

His wife is of thin complexion, light brown complexion and has Chinese hair. It weighs 55 kilos (121 pounds) and measures 1.65 meters (5.4 feet). He wore blue denim pants, pink sweatshirt and earrings.

The Baja California Prosecutor’s Office is asking public help to find these migrants. If you have information or data about your possible whereabouts, contact the Office of Specialized Units at the telephone numbers (664) 607-7332 and (664) 683-9646. Or the emergency number 911.

In photos: this is the day to day at the border crossing between San Diego and Tijuana



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