Bochum: truck crashes into elevator on subway – driver (56) dead



Bochum: truck crashes into elevator on subway – driver (56) dies in hospital

A truck crashed into an elevator in Bochum.

A truck crashed into an elevator in Bochum.

Photo: Justin Brosch / ANC-NEWS

Bochum. Worse accident in Bochum: A truck crashed into the elevator house at the subway station on Feldsieper Strasse / Herner Strasse on Tuesday morning at around 8 a.m.

The driver (56) of the truck from Dortmund was critically injured and died at noon in a clinic in Bochum,

Shortly before Feldsieper Strasse, the 56-year-old had apparently lost consciousness. He crossed the intersection at red traffic lights and hit the truck head-on against the elevator house of the subway station.

At that point there was no one in the elevator – the elevator was out of service in the morning.

Bochum: truck crashes into elevator

Accident witnesses had saved the man from the cab before the fire brigade arrived. The rescue workers immediately initiated medical care for the man, who still had to be resuscitated on site.


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Police determine the cause of the accident

The fire department secured the truck and scattered leaking supplies such as oil and petrol. The deployment of the rescue workers lasted about 45 minutes, now the police are investigating the possible cause of the accident.

An internal emergency, such as a heart attack that the driver suffered shortly before the accident, cannot currently be ruled out as the cause. No other people were injured in the accident.

The truck was recovered with a crane truck, Herner Strasse and Feldspielers Strasse were fully blocked for the duration of the mission.

The police estimate the amount of property damage to be around 30,000 euros. (Pen)



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