Discard rape of female intern in male prison; “Penetration was with the fingers,” says SSP Zacatecas


According to the head of Public Security, the victim presented posttraumatic stress due to “sexual harassment” at the hands of a custodian.

Mexico.- The Secretariat of Public Security of Zacatecas discarded that the woman who was admitted to a men’s prison would have been raped, because the “penetration was with fingers

According to the owner of the SSP ZacatecasIsmael Camberos, the practice of putting women in district prisons is common in the entity because they were designed to house people deprived of their liberty when the Public Ministry makes them available to a judge.

In an interview with Ciro Gómez Leyva for Radio Formula, the official wanted to make a precision about the case: “it was a violation equated,” he said since the “penetration was with fingers“He added.

Commander of custodians raped a female prisoner

Of the district prisons that function as mixed, according to the head of the SSP Zacatecas, when the process connection is firm, the inmate is transferred to a manly criminal or feminine in the state, since it is a task to separate women from men in these spaces.

Ismael Camberos, added that it was the custodian commander, who took advantage of his position of command within the prison establishment in Caldera to relieve the custody of the victim and commit the rape.

The person in charge continues to be a fugitive although there is already an arrest warrant against him, and they were also dismissed: the director of the state prison system and the General Director of Prevention, Adam Jiménez Solano.

“The system did not fail, one person failed,” Ismael Camberos reiterated, adding that when requesting the transfer to the women’s prison, it was notified that the victim presented PTSD due to “sexual harassment”.



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