e school Parent Information System (VBS) 2020 introduction! MEB 2020 e School appreciation | thanks calculation page


e school VBS appreciation thanks calculation how to do? How to access the e-school parent information system? questions on the agenda of students and parents. With E-School VBS, students’ exam grades, absenteeism information, homework and oral grades can be viewed easily. E-school Parent Information System (VBS) provides access to all educational information of students. That is why e-school is one of the sites that students and parents visit frequently. Throughout the education period, written and oral exam grades as well as absenteeism information are also learned through E-School. 2020 E-school entrance screen attracts attention with its new design. Here are the details about the e-school Parent Information System login page


In order to access the e-School VBS system, it is necessary to first enter the “https://eokul.meb.gov.tr/” prepared by the Ministry of National Education and fill in the required information under the heading “Parent Information System” on the right. At this stage, T.C. Identification Number, Student Number and security code are required. If this information is entered correctly, the second stage is entered.

In the second stage, the student’s identity and school information are asked. The province / district information, the date of birth of the student, the branch read by the student and the photograph of the student are required. If this information is entered correctly, the system will turn on.

In the left menu, there are options such as Absenteeism Information, Grade Information, Weekly Schedule, Exam Dates, Documents Received, Books Read, Behavior Notes, Diploma Score, End of Year Notes and Transfer Status.



Appreciation thank you change the calculation process. Students with absenteeism not exceeding 5 days can receive a certificate if they meet the grade point average, although students who do not meet the absenteeism requirement will not be entitled to receive a certificate.

Here is the information on the amendment of the regulation published on October 1;

School student award and disciplinary committee, superiority of the efforts and success in the courses, the absence of absenteeism not exceeding 5 days, successful in all courses, the weighted average of the semester scores are not less than 70.00 and the behavior score of 100 students;

a) Certificate of appreciation between 70,00-84,99,

b) A certificate of appreciation of 85,00 or more,

c) Rewards those who receive certificates of appreciation in the entire semester of at least three academic years during their secondary education.

Students whose absenteeism period exceeds 10 days without excuse and 30 days in total will be deemed unsuccessful regardless of their course scores and their parents will be informed in writing.


1 – Questioning the written result

2 – Timetable

3 – Student certificate

4 – Average upgrade points

5 – Diploma score

6 – Exam information

7 – Absence inquiry

8 – Transport status

9 – Behavior notes

10 – Reading books

11 – Lecture notes questioning

12 – Exam dates


In addition to the user name and password, teachers can access the e-School management information system entry through the e-Government. Only teacher users can login via e-Government.


E-School Parent Information System provides uninterrupted service except for maintenance and repair periods. In schools, when the grades close to the end of the 1st semester are announced, there may be problems in the entrances due to the intensity experienced. Students interpret this situation as the closure of E-School VBS. The E-School will continue to be accessible to students during the report card period.


One of the most downloaded and used application markets, e-School application installed on approximately 50 million mobile devices, the Ministry of National Education (MEB) Information Technology Department renewed version entered into service.

The service, which is provided free of charge to all parents by the Ministry, includes information on the whole process from the enrollment of a student to school until graduation.

Through the mobile application, e-report cards, written averages of branches, notes, transfer, absenteeism, central examination, appreciation, received documents such as thanks, weekly syllabus information can be accessed easily.

Parents will receive notification

The Ministry aims to enable parents to easily monitor the status of their students and actively participate in the learning process.

The redesigned e-School Parent Information System not only improves the quality of the user experience, but is also equipped with platform-specific user interface standards that Android or iOS users are accustomed to.

In the system, as a new application, the ability to send notifications to parents has been gained. With the notification feature, information such as student absences will be provided to parents immediately. The application aims to improve training processes and reduce absenteeism rates.

MEB unified information systems in one platform

MEB uses different systems such as e-School, MEBBİS, Document Management System (DYS), Education Information Network (EBA), e-Extensive, Open Education Institutions, and e-Personnel.

While each system was previously accessed from different platforms, this year’s improvement enabled MEB to access all electronic services from the same platform with a single password.

In addition, since the integration of the platform with e-Government has been completed, e-Government passwords have been enabled to be used.

The studies are carried out in line with the objective of 20 2023 Education Vision “with the aim of mevcut reducing the bureaucratic workload at all levels of management, particularly in schools, by improving the processes within the framework of the integration of existing information systems and data-based management approach..


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