Fake client and not a cashier from Santander, who hit the assailants in Veracruz, conclude


Elements of the State Attorney General completed an arrest warrant against three probable subjects responsible for the robbery to an account holder from a bank branch in the Veracruz-Boca del Río area.

This is the case where the victim videotaped the cashier of a Santander branch and pointed it out – without evidence – of being linked to crime; the investigations ruled out any involvement of women.

The three involved were notified of the new arrest warrant against them for the alleged crime of aggravated robbery in the La Toma prison in the municipality of Amatlan de Los Reyes, where they are imprisoned for other crimes.

The inquiries determined that the three subjects belong to a band of assaulting account holders who, to achieve their objective, enter a false client at the branch, who gives the whistle of cash withdrawals.

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Once the victim left the bank branch he was followed by taxis or motorcycles and then intercepted and stripped of the money.

This is Javier “N”, alias El Munra, 20 years old; Miguel Ángel N of 36 and Daniel N of 28 years old.

The cashier who has been accused – without evidence – in social networks of being linked to criminals who stole more than 70 thousand pesos from an account holder, decided to proceed legally.

The victim of the robbery threatened the woman with charging her once she left the branch and uploaded the video to social networks.

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