“He had spent the afternoon at the maternity hospital”


On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday in Ferrières, shortly after midnight, Yvan D., 67, would have found himself face to face with burglars who had accessed his property, a castle he was renovating on his own.

According to his first declarations, he would have believed in a home-jacking and he grabbed his weapon before shooting. Mayron Weibel, a 21-year-old Aywaille native, was shot in the back while fleeing. That day should have been a beautiful day for the Weibel family
: “Mayron had spent the afternoon at the maternity hospital,” said the family’s counsel. “He then went back to his uncle’s house in the evening to have a drink at his place.”

► Her parents testify: here is their version of the facts

► According to a neighbor, Yvan D. had placed a video surveillance camera

The mother of the 21-year-old victim also spoke: “We displayed our family as if we were all burglars, and we receive hate messages and insults when our only son has died” regrets the broken mom.

“We ask everyone to respect our immense pain”. They say they do not understand that the one who shot their son’s back is already released.



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