He was angry with the punishment, burned his truck! – Last minute news


The incident occurred at the Karkamis Customs Gate in the evening.

Ahmet Kılıçparlar under the direction of cement-loaded TIR Cerablus’a moved. Here unloading the load Kılıçparlar, again came to the customs gate to enter the country. Allegedly, TIR’da customs control, which is surplus TIR’da customs control teams who wanted to write a penalty Kılıçparlar reacted to the situation said that the injustice was done.

Angry with the punishment, burned his truck

Kılıçparlar penalty cut after the debate, angry and set fire to the truck TIR’ı. Upon the notice of customs employees from the fire brigade teams, their work in a short time extinguished the fire in the truck. As the truck became unusable, the control rooms at the customs gate were damaged.

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Arriving gendarmerie teams Ahmet Kılıçparlar’ı County Gendarmerie Command took the custody by taking the statement.



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