Hispanic child disappears and is found dead


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  • A boy of Hispanic origin disappeared on Saturday morning near his home and his body was found this Sunday in the community of Placerville
  • There are no suspects so far, but several corporations set up an investigation into the possible homicide.
  • The disappearance of Román Anthony López caused almost the entire community to mobilize on Saturday night until his finding was reported, but lifeless

California. Roman Anthony López, an 11-year-old Hispanic boy reported missing on Saturday, was found dead Sunday near his home in the city of Placerville.

His death is considered suspicious and the Placerville Police Department in El Dorado County has embarked on an investigation to clarify the death of Roman Anthony López, who was last seen on Saturday morning at his home in the street Coloma

“Last night, just after the sun went down, some of the employees working with the boy’s father handed out a flyer describing the missing 11-year-old among the nearby neighborhoods,” said Ed, a neighbor who asked not to use his last name. , to the news channel KCRA 3 of the NBC network.

Emily Maher, a KCRA 3 channel reporter, detailed on her Twitter account Sunday night what is known about the case so far: Román Anthony López was reported missing Saturday.

Several agencies helped find him. Neighbors say his property was checked and the boy’s body was found sometime on Saturday night. Police say the child’s death is “suspicious.”

The chronicle of the Placerville Mountain Democrat reports that police and investigators from the CSI unit of the El Dorado sheriff’s office were stationed outside a church, at the corner of Coloma and Bee streets on Sunday.


Posted by Placerville Police Department on Saturday, January 11, 2020

This happened around 1:30 p.m., just before the media converged at the police station on Main Street at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday.

“The real potential crime scene seemed to be house number 2892 on Coloma Street, where the yellow tape of the crime scene kept people away.”

Two trucks were secured at the scene: a white Chevy with four-wheel drive and an Indiana license plate A425538, and a silver one with a Michigan license plate, DXH 3123.

They had wide open doors and yellow flags that marked potential evidence. They were studded inside the interior passenger compartment.

Passersby at Bee and Coloma on Sunday afternoon, including three teenagers, said they had heard about the boy’s death and added that rumors circulated about the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

Some of the rumors considered Roman’s death form, but that detail was not delivered by the Placerville police at the time of publication.

What is known is that the residents of Placerville, a mile away from the house on Coloma Street, where Román López is believed to have been found, woke up Saturday night when search engines went from door to door to Ask if any sign of the child had appeared.

The following day, the same place that announced “Disappearing child”, which Román “had been located,” was reported on the Facebook page of the Police Department.

It was not known that he had appeared dead until the press conference was called.

Placerville is a city located in northwestern California, home of El Dorado County. It is estimated that in 2018 its population was about 11,500 people, according to census calculations.

It is estimated that 17 percent of its inhabitants are Hispanic or Latino of any race and that there are about 4,500 houses in the city.


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