In the US, 22 years in prison were sentenced to a former collaborator of “El Chapo” Guzmán


The operator of Sinaloa Cartel, Marco Antonio Paredes Machado, 55, has been sentenced to 22 years in jail.

The conviction has been imposed by a federal judge of Detroit, Michigan (USA) after the boss acknowledged that he has been responsible for trafficking cocaine and marijuana to the United States.

Marco Antonio Paredes Manchado was one of 25 drug traffickers accused by the US Department of Justice of working for the group of Benjamin Jaramillo Felix, in turn affiliated with the cartel that was leading Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, in addition to drug traffickers at the border, Paredes sent drug shipments to the US that initially arrived in Los Cabos, coordinating a team of between 20 and 30 men.

The former Sinaloa Cartel operator was arrested while leaving a hospital in Huixquilucan, State of Mexico, in January 2011, so he has been serving his sentence for nine years.

Paredes litigated against his extradition until 2015, when he was convinced that the United States would recognize his allegation that he had been confused with another person.

Next Wednesday, the First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice will review an appeal of the capo, which claims the unconstitutionality of an article of the Mexico-United States Extradition Treaty.

This article creates confusion about the possibility of a person being tried in the requesting country for additional crimes than those authorized by the requested country when giving extradition as long as the latter authorizes it.

In the case of Paredes, Mexico extradited them for the Detroit accusation, but the United States accumulated this one generated in the Court for the District of Columbia, which was originally filed in 2012, but remained under seal until 2017.

The US Department of Justice states that Paredes Machado had a direct role in the supervision of the transport of quantities of cocaine tonnage in Los Cabos, Mexico. There he led a team of 20 to 30 men who received cocaine from other conspirators. After that point, the men transported coca by boat or plane to various places in Mexico, controlled by the Sinaloa Cartel.

Paredes was also in charge of collecting payments both for the purchase of drugs from drug delivery investors and for receiving income from the eventual sale of narcotics. These transactions generally involved tens of millions of United States dollars. Paredes Machado transferred those funds to others within the organization.

On January 19, the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) delivered extradition to José Sánchez Villalobos, aka “The Lord of the Tunnels”, who was one of the main financial operators of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel. His delivery was made at the International Airport of the City of Toluca, State of Mexico, where US agents took his custody and transferred him.

Villalobos is required by a Federal Court of California to be prosecuted by the crimes of criminal association and against health. According to the US authorities, he was the leader of a criminal organization dedicated to the construction and operation of some of the tunnels used by drug trafficking in Tijuana and Mexicali, border cities.


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