Julia Keleher surrenders to federal authorities in Philadelphia


Former Secretary of Education Julia Keleher turned herself in this afternoon to federal authorities in Philadelphia, her lawyer, María Domínguez, confirmed.

“We have not yet received the accusation, but we will be studying it”, said to The new day.

“We continue to reiterate the innocence of our client,” he added in a telephone interview.

This is the second arrest Keleher faces. In July 2019, she was arrested for government corruption.

This morning, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) filled out two arrest warrants, one of them at the Ciudadela housing complex in Santurce.

The new day He learned that one of those arrested is Ariel Gutiérrez Rodríguez, who owns Trillion Realty Group, a real estate firm that manages transactions in Ciudadela.

Sources in this newspaper indicated that the authorities would be investigating other angles as a transaction made by the former Secretary of Education.

The new day He learned that Gutierrez Rodriguez’s firm would have managed a Keleher mortgage transaction in Ciudadela.

This is not the first time Gutierrez Rodriguez faces problems with the authorities. Two decades ago, he was charged in a case of the missing Federal Bank Caguas for a fraud that caused the federal government losses of over $ 300 million.

Meanwhile, Keleher was indicted last July by a federal grand jury with the former executive director of the Health Insurance Administration (ASES) Ángela Ávila, the former president of the consulting firm BDO Puerto Rico Fernando Scherrer-Caillet, the subcontractor Alberto Velazquez-Piñol, and the sisters Mayra and Glenda Ponce Mendoza for 32 charges related to an electronic fraud scheme, conspiracy to commit electronic fraud, money laundering and money laundering conspiracy for just over $ 15 million.

The trial is scheduled for May 4. However, there is a pending petition to be held outside of Puerto Rico.

Lymarie Llovet, federal prosecutor spokesman, said she could not comment on the arrests, as the indictment is sealed.

Llovet reported that a press release will be sent later providing details of the arrests.

“Later the federal Prosecutor’s Office will be providing details,” he said.

In this story the journalist Javier Colón Dávila collaborated.

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