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In a press release issued Friday, the Communes of Lausanne, Prilly and Renens, shareholders of the Center sportif de Malley (CSM), request that immediate measures be taken by the board of directors to “bring back a serene working climate” to Vaudoise arena, structure managed by the CSM.

As a reminder, the press revealed, at the end of January, the serious grievances of some of the employees concerning their working conditions. These included excessive overtime and night work carried out without authorization and without compensation. The management of the chairman of the board of directors of the CSM, Jean-Jacques Schilt, and the director of the Vaudoise aréna were also pointed out.

The three cities demand that immediate measures be taken to ensure compliance with the labor law. “The resulting financial aspects for employees will have to be supported and settled, in particular with regard to night work,” the statement said.

An external audit requested by the Canton is underway to shed light on the working conditions at the Vaudoise arena. The three Cities request that the mandate of this audit be modified so that it is carried out under the aegis of the vice-president of the board of directors, the syndic of Prilly Alain Gillièron, and representatives of the Communes, “in order to guarantee the ‘impartiality of the process and that all those concerned are heard and can be treated equally’. This task was originally entrusted to the chairman of the board of directors Jean-Jacques-Schilt, himself implicated by the employees.

Finally, the municipalities of Lausanne, Prilly and Renens request that a support structure be set up as soon as possible to support employees.

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Created: 02-14-2020, 12h11


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