Migrants denounce law that denies them visa in the US for being ‘public charge’


New York, USA.

Community group lawyers of NY urged this Tuesday to the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit to reject the Government’s measure of U.S which enables deny visas or permissions of residence a migrants for being a supposed “public charge” and benefit from social programs.

In October, a federal judge temporarily blocked the measure that, among other issues, allowed them to deny credit cards. legal residence to much migrants who use Medicaid, the government health insurance of U.S for people with economic difficulties, as well as coupons for foods and other forms of public assistance.

The groups, representing the various racial communities of NY, they said this rule would mean a transformation of the current procedure and would impose a bias racist and classist about people who aspire to a change in their immigration status.

“We deeply reject shameless attempts to impose requirements based on race and wealth in our migratory system “, said in a statement the executive co-director of the association “Make the Road New York”, Javier Valdés, who believes that the current system is on behalf of migrants.

Valdés has urged Justice to stop “the last attempt” of the Administration of the American president, Donald Trump, from refuse immigrant status based on precepts “dangerous and illegal” to redefine the meaning of “public charge”.

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The lawsuit states that the rule of Trump It has been motivated by an unconstitutional racial spirit, which attempts to affect immigrants from countries with non-white populations and that demonizes immigrants of color.

Also, the attorney general of NY, Letitia James filed another joint lawsuit along with the state of Vermont and the city of NY To challenge this rule. EFE



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