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All migration processes in the hands of USCIS will rise in prices in some services with increases up to 500%. Organizations invite to renew soon.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, USCIS by its acronym in English, you have ready the tariff sheet that you would seek to apply in the coming days to the migratory processes; But first, you must review the thousands of comments made by the pro-immigrant organizations nationwide.

The citizenship, permanent residence and other services request processes provided by the federal agency, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, DHS, would increase rates with ranges from 8% for some services to 559% in others.

Forgiveness of payment is also eliminated and even asylum requests would pay a symbolic amount.

Faced with this scenario, pro-immigrant organizations in the Washington Metropolitan Area and at the national level have alerted Salvadoran and other Latin American immigrants, who are already eligible for naturalization, to apply as soon as possible in case the announced rate adjustment is met as expected. the administration of Donald Trump before spring.

The case of citizenship processes would rise from $ 725 at present to $ 1, 255, including the payment of biometric data capture, an increase of 83%, according to the expected tariff schedule.

With this, organizations such as the House of Maryland that work with the workshops for the instruction of candidates for new citizens who must pass a knowledge test of the United States, started from last year with a “Become a citizen” campaign, which aimed to increase the volume of Hispanic voters in that region of Washington DC, but it was the announcement of USCIS intention in the recent fall that triggered the interest of the community in seeking information and enlisting to become citizens.

The director of the Department of Citizenship of the House of Maryland, Pablo Blank, says that because it is a pre-election year, it was normal for people to have citizenship and register to vote, but the eventual rate increase has served as a catapult to the plan .

“The year that has just ended we close with a little more than 1,500 people who have applied for citizenship with our services in the organization and we have started January of this year with a strong boost in the registers, most of them are Salvadorans and other Central American countries , also from Mexico, ”Pablo Blank tells El Diario de Hoy.

According to the monitoring carried out by the organizations, the government would have received more than 25 thousand comments on the impact of the rate increase, some appealing to the need to maintain the current rates to facilitate legal immigration, others have further explored the technical part of the decision taken by the administration that argues that the processing costs are not covered by the current rates and that USCIS has a revenue deficit.

The Central American Resource Center, CARECEN Washington DC, is another organization that has called for immigrants who already qualify for citizenship, having 5 years of permanent residence, or for people who have made marriage status with American citizens, who are 3 years old, strive as soon as possible to prepare for citizenship, with the advantages it represents for the immigrant to obtain status, such as being exempt from deportation in case of any legal case.

This 2020 this organization opens with its courses of citizenship of 12 weeks with classes Tuesday night and Saturday for the candidates, all practice in English the 100 questions of the interview that must be done successfully to achieve the status of naturalized citizens.



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