PVV Gelderland fiercely against climate activist Lars (12): ‘Go and enjoy playing football’


Lars his great example is Greta Thunberg. He talks more often about climate, for example the energy festival in Noord-Brabant and last year he already came to the Nijmegen city council to talk about measures against global warming.

Now he came to the provincial government. According to De Gelderlander, Lars sent an email and was allowed to speak. The input from Lars did not appeal to the PVV. Faber tells Lars, among other things, that his parents ‘should have saved him from this’.

A part of Lars his speech:

“You say that you have your own company, but you are not even legally competent,” says Faber.

“So there is an organization behind you. I think it is a shame that you are being abused and I wish you a good and happy life. And I hope that you will enjoy yourself and that you will enjoy playing football and if you are a little taller, you will go nice after the girls. “

The reaction of the PVV:

Earlier it was clear that Faber was not waiting for the arrival of Lars. She called him a “naive climate soldier” on Twitter.


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