River searches for missing man in Guimarães ended unsuccessfully


The public prosecutor is investigating the disappearance of a 61-year-old man in Guimarães, and on Tuesday, searches of the river Ave were unsuccessful, a GNR source said.

Family seeks missing man in Guimarães

According to the source, the man has been missing since Wednesday night.

Photo Paulo Jorge Magalhães / O MINHO

Today, at the request of the Public Prosecution Service, searches were conducted on the Ave river in Guimarães, in the parish of Vila Nova de Sande, but without success.

The search included firefighters from Caldas das Taipas, Vizela and Famalicenses, as well as GNR.

Photo Paulo Jorge Magalhães / O MINHO

On the ground, 18 were operational, supported by eight vehicles and the search will resume on Wednesday.

Photo Paulo Jorge Magalhães / O MINHO

The missing man resides in Creixomil, municipality of Guimarães. He drove home Wednesday night, allegedly to visit a client, and has never been seen since.


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