Salvini, Gregoretti case: ready for prison


the day of the vote of the Senate for the Immunities of the Senate on the request for Matteo Salvini’s trial for the management, as Minister of the Interior, of the Gregoretti case (Guareschi said that there are times when to get to freedom you have to go to prison. We are ready, I’m ready). At 5 pm the body chaired by Maurizio Gasparri (Forza Italia) meets to express the verdict after Friday’s controversial vote which saw the decisive (and disputed) vote of the President of the Senate Maria Elisabetta Casellati. But it is said that today we will come to a conclusion (the final decision will, however, touch the House on February 17) because the commissioners of the majority parties (Pd-M5S-Iv-Leu) may not participate in the vote. And nothing could happen for the game of numbers. Let’s see why.

The numbers

The Immunity Committee is made up of 23 members, divided as follows: 6 M5S, 5 Lega, 4 Forza Italia, 3 Italia viva, 1 each Pd, FdI, Leu, Misto and Svp. The Giallorossi majority can therefore count on 11 votes. The Commissioner of Svp ill and will not participate in the vote. And the same should be done by the former Five Star (now Mixed) Gregorio De Falco. In the classroom they should meet in 10: 5 League, 4 Forza Italia and one FdI. And here comes what Matteo Salvini himself declared on Sunday who announced, changing the position held up to that moment, that the senators will vote in favor of the trial. With a result that risks being paradoxical: 5 votes in favor (Lega) and five votes against (Forza Italia, including President Gasparri pi FdI). With a five to five, the president’s report, against the authorization to proceed, would be dismissed and all postponed, for the final decision of the Chamber on 17 February.

The unknowns

This is the main scenario. But there is no shortage of unknowns because changes in progress are very possible. Meanwhile, to see if even the former M5S De Falco will not really participate in the vote. Being decisive, it cannot be excluded that it will eventually intervene by moving the scale to one side or the other. And then it is a question of seeing if the Giallorossi majority will be compact in not attending the session. And finally, will the League really keep faith with Salvini’s latest decision or will he evaluate it differently by political tactics?

Salvini: Do this political process

But the leader of the Carroccio reiterates his request: The League senators will vote for this political process, to those who have defended the security, borders and honor of this country. I want to go to that court to represent millions of Italians who want to live peacefully in their home. And then once and for all we will talk about a reform of justice which in this country serves as bread. While the left runs away we go head on in judgment. We have no fear whatsoever. From the Comacchio stage, Salvini says again: Today they decide whether I am a criminal or not. I take a saying from my grandmother: `Don’t hurt, don’t fear. Since the criminals must be afraid of the trial, I repeat: send me to trial. If I have to go to jail to defend my country I go there with my head held high.

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