Sardines, the big party (and fear). «We alternatives to sovereignty»


BOLOGNA – This year May 1st fell on January 19th. It was not Rome, but Bologna, it was not Labor Day but that of Sardines. And it was still a concert, an identity event, at least thirty thousand people, many people who had been waiting for a long time to feel part of something. “You are our spark,” said a banner held by a lady from Trento. The city is the same as that of November 14, when it all started, with a flash mob organized by a group of strangers. But if then it was a debut, with all the naivety and the disruptive effect that it entailed, yesterday was a ritual, a consecration to be celebrated among friends, among people who somehow recognize themselves, which certainly must not be convinced in the choice of field. Being there, also as a gesture of superstition, because fears are exorcised better by feeling multitude. And there was a lot of fear in the audience yesterday.

“Do you think she can do it?” Especially the older ones even questioned the journalists, eager for confirmation. Needless to ask who is to do it, it was obvious in this square. “We hope to be so happy next Sunday too” says Sara, a Dams student, who has a residence in Como, so she won’t vote in these delicate Emilia-Romagna elections. Like her, a large part of the public is also out of the office, in the sense that trains have been organized from Milan, Florence, Trento, which certainly have massed, but will not bring votes to the hated challenger Salvini. “I know we can’t lose,” says Mario Ballestrini, “pensioner and companion” from Modena. “But for the first time in my life I have no certainty about our victory.”



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