Sardines, well offered Zingaretti landing – Last Hour


(ANSA) – ROME, JAN 13 – “Zingaretti said it right
claiming to offer a landing to those who do not. It is true that
we do not have a landing place, and it is good for politics to propose “.

So Mattia Santori, spokesperson for sardines, ‘answers’
to the offer of the secretary of the Pd. “We listen, we observe,
we reason – he tells Circo Massimo – but this does not mean that
every proposed landing is fine. We have observed a number of
facts “, Santori reasons:” first of all, the Democratic Party is getting on
questioning, like other left forces. The
second point is that in the sardines the offer of the Democratic Party does
reflect between who is open and who is very suspicious, and this
it is good, because opening up is good. The third fundamental point
is that there is a timing problem: we are preparing a
big event in Bologna, a feast of plurality, then the
elections in Emilia Romagna and our moment of meeting a
early March in which we should define who we are, where we want
go, what tools we want to use. “


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