‘Shut up dog …’ so shouts Paola Rojas police


The police along with other transit agents closed the road on Chapultepec Avenue for several minutes at the intersection with Florence Street. Photo: Video capture


The journalist Paola Rojas shared through her social networks the way in which an element of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) gives her an insult for no reason.

Paola Rojas said that the traffic on Chapultepec Avenue to the intersection with Florence Street was closed for several minutes due to the passage of a black van with plates (apparently) NDK 1653 where an official was apparently traveling.

Like other motorists and motorcyclists, the journalist was waiting for the road to resume when she asked the police from the window of her car:

– The official has passed, right?

At that moment the policeman in a way rude and without any justification yelled at him

– Shut up bitch …

The policeman was recorded by the driver, however, he appears on his back and his face cannot be seen.

If you recognize it, report it!

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