Smog, diesel stops in Rome also tomorrow and Thursday. «A million cars stopped»

Smog, diesel stops in Rome also tomorrow and Thursday. «A million cars stopped»

Smog, to Rome new vehicles stop tomorrow and Thursday diesel. It’s still pollution emergency. The levels of smog from pM10, detected by the urban monitoring network and validated by Arpa Lazio, is still beyond limits law: for this reason was prepared for the days of Wednesday 15 is Thursday 16 January the limitation to private vehicle traffic in the Z.T.L. Green band. The limitation will affect all private vehicles powered by diesel fuel that will not be able to circulate in this area in two time slots. Specifically, the union order establishes the stop to circulation from 7.30 to 10.30 is from 16.30 to 20.30 for all cars diesel from Euro 3 to Euro 6. It is about one million cars parked in the garage.

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Rome, smog alarm: in 8 control units out of 13 exceeded the values ​​of pm10

Smog, in Milan stop to traffic from tomorrow, two days in advance

The January 19 instead the has been arranged Ecological Sunday, with which circulation is limited to all motor vehicles in the Z.T.L. «Green belt» from 7.30 to 12.30 is from 16.30 until 20.30. “The provision also establishes that tomorrow and Thursday 16 from 7.30 to 20.30 the limitation of vehicular traffic in the Z.T.L. »Green Belt« of Rome for: mopeds and motorcycles »Euro 0« and »Euro 1«, petrol vehicles »Euro 2«. The complete ban on entry into the “Green Belt” for diesel vehicles »Euro 1« and »Euro 2« and petrol »Euro 1« remains.

Furthermore, the provision provides that the thermal plants they must be managed in such a way as to guarantee an air temperature in the rooms not higher than 18øC or 17øC according to the type of building. The interventions were adopted on the basis of the criteria indicated in the Operational Intervention Plan, as established by resolution no.76 of 28 October 2016. The measurements, in fact, highlighted high levels of pollution and an expected situation of strong and persistent criticality in the coming days. The text of the ordinance and the related exemptions are reported online on the Roma Capitale portal », explains a note.

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