SP chief asked the question of trust in the spring


The result was clear: More than two thirds of the SPD members voted in 2018 for the coalition agreement with the CDU / CSU.

SP boss Pamela Rendi-Wagner hopes for a similar response. Between March 4 and April 2, she let the base decide on the direction of the party.

The controversial chairman goes one step further: at the member survey in March and April, she is also available as party leader. Rendi-Wagner announced this on Friday.

The vote in the SP board on the questionnaire apparently went very short. Twelve pro-votes faced ten contra-votes. The remaining five people left their decision open.

Rendi-Wagner justified her surprising step (“that was personally decided by me”): She is convinced that both she and the whole social democracy need the trust of the grassroots. It was not officially confirmed that the advances in the presidium caused little enthusiasm.

> Video: ON-TV Talk on Pamela Rendi-Wagner’s question of trust

Rendi-Wagner did not want to commit to an exact goal: “In democracy, majorities apply, the higher the better for me.” The survey should be carried out anonymously, both in letter form and online. Shortly after announcing her project, the SP boss sent a letter to the members. “I would ask you to tell me whether I should remain chairman of the Federal Party to fight for our important issues together with everyone in the party,” it said. In a statement, Rendi-Wagner outlined her position as follows: “I did not go into politics to take up an office. Positions and positions are pointless if you do not know what you want to achieve. I am fighting for fairness and cohesion in society . ” She is convinced that she will get enough support. The SP governors Peter Kaiser (Krnten) and Hans Peter Doskozil (Burgenland) were “surprised”. The latter also sees a risk and boldly calls the procedure, but he understands “to a certain extent”.

The Linz Mayor Klaus Luger pays respect to Rendi-Wagner: “This is a brave step. I believe that it will be rewarded.” In December the Linz SP decided on a model in which the Linz SP chief was directly elected.



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