Tesla crashes into hardware store – victims (76) dead in Nortorf – Hamburg


Nortorf (Schleswig-Holstein) – The windows of the hardware store are shattered, the struts of the glass wall are dented. The flowers that were sold in the hardware store are still on the dented bonnet of the blue Tesla.

Fatal accident in Schleswig-Holstein: According to the police, a woman (70) broke through the glass wall of the hardware store at 4:15 p.m. on Tuesday with her blue Tesla and pushed a container with flowers into the anteroom. Due to the force, stacked briquettes also fell over. Two customers were hit on the leg by the hardware store goods – but were not injured.

Then the shock: a woman was buried under the rubble! The 76-year-old could no longer help the rescue workers and only recover them dead.

How exactly the accident could have occurred is now being determined. In addition to the rescue workers and the police, pastors were deployed at the scene of the accident. The Tesla was secured.



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