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The president of Congress, Nancy Pelosi, tears a copy of Trump’s speech from the state of the Union. On video, the speech exhibits the current political hostility in the US. AP | Video: Reuters

The night began roughly. Donald Trump went up to the rostrum of the House of Representatives to deliver the annual speech of the state of the Union, one of those key dates on the agenda of an American president, and denied the greeting to the president of the House and third authority of the Nation, Nancy Pelosi. The Republican was heading to the country in exceptional circumstances, one day after receiving the verdict – predictably absolutory – in the political trial for the scandal of Ukraine driven by the Democrats. For an hour and 18 minutes, the president did the closest thing to a trump seal rally, showing off the health of the economy, lashing out at immigration. All with touches of Show television.

At the end, Pelosi broke the pages of Trump’s speech with obvious contempt. When the press asked him later why, the veteran politician replied: “Because it was somewhat polite considering the alternative. What a dirty speech.”

And this is how this solemn appointment of the Capitol agenda became a sample of the level of hostility in which American politics is. Trump is the third president of the history of the United States that is subjected to a impeachment, but the first to do so while seeking re-election. The discourse of the state of the Union marked a sort of beginning of its electoral campaign, if at any time it has ceased to be in campaign, addicted as it seems to rallies and thick phrases.

“The years of economic decline have ended. The days in which they took advantage of our country, and that even other nations despised, have been left behind,” he emphasized. He reiterated his promise to withdraw troops from Iraq and said that in a year they will have built up to 800 kilometers of the controversial wall on the border with Mexico. Trump chewed up the death of the powerful Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, through a drone attack. He also accused the sanctuary cities of the United States (those that avoid persecuting irregular immigrants who are not accused of any crime) of favoring crime and took the opportunity to criticize the proposals of the Democratic candidates to the White House, accusing them of trying to “give Free health “to foreigners without papers.

An atmosphere of tension seized the Chamber. After Trump avoided shaking hands, Pelosi presented the president without ceremonies: “Members of Congress, the president of the United States,” he said dryly, instead of the usual: “Members of Congress, I have the great privilege and special honor to present you to the president of the United States. “While Trump spoke, Pelosi sometimes smiled while shaking his head. The tension was already manifested hours before. Popular congressmen such as the young leftist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Ayanna Pressley, members of that quartet of new legislators peleonas popularly known as the squad (the squad), decided to be absent from such an appointment in protest for the “contempt” of the president to Congress.

Trump is accused of abuse of power in the wake of the Ukrainian case and obstruction of Congress for torpedoing the investigation related to that alleged crime. The president began to talk about nine o’clock at night in Washington (three in the morning of Tuesday in peninsular Spain). In less than 24 hours, near that plenary hall, the Republican majority of the Upper House plans to meet to, predictably, exonerate him, despite the fact that several of the senators of his own party have reproached his management in relation to the accusations of the impeachment. The president maneuvered, directly and also through intermediaries, to force Ukrainian justice to announce investigations of his Democratic political rivals, especially presidential candidate Joe Biden, and allegedly came to use the delivery of military aid as a currency of exchange.

Presence of Guaido

The presence of Juan Guaidó, special guest at the event, was one of the few moments of truce in the Capitol. Trump recognized him as “the only legitimate president of Venezuela.” Both Pelosi and the vice president, Mike Pence, and much of the House got up to applaud him.

“[Nicolás] Maduro is an illegitimate leader, a tyrant who brutally treats his people. But his tyranny mandate will be crushed, “said the Republican. The widespread recognition was an important boost to the Venezuelan politician at a time of attrition, already served more than a year since the president was sworn in, but without Maduro having abandoned power.

Trump, the president who arrived at the White House after years of star of the reality on television, it provided moments of pure television entertainment. Like when he surprised the wife and two sons of a military man with his return home, Sergeant First Townsend Williams, after seven months in Afghanistan. Or when Melania Trump unexpectedly handed the presidential medal of freedom to conservative radio broadcaster Rush Limbaugh, a cancer patient.

Near that plenary hall, the final verdict awaits you on Wednesday. The Republican majority of the Senate predictably guarantees absolution. What is not clear, seven months after the presidential elections, is the effect that this process can have at the polls in the November elections. The good progress of the economy sustains the president’s popularity at maximum levels (49%) and in recent weeks, before his bases, several foreign policy medals have been hung: the commercial truce with China, the reform of the treaty with Mexico and Canada and the death of Soleimani.

This Tuesday night he declared himself the author of a sort of American resurrection: “In three short years, we have shattered the decadent mentality of America and the reduction of sights on the destiny of the United States.” The Republicans cheered and asked for a second term: “Four years, four years more!” When finished, Pelosi tore the papers.



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