the teenager “absolutely does not regret his words”


Two weeks ago, Mila, a 16-year-old girl from Isère, posted a video on the social network Instagram in which she strongly criticized Islam. Insulted, harassed, threatened with death after her words, the girl must have been out of school. The investigation, opened against him for “Provocation of hatred towards a group of people, because of their membership of a race or a determined religion”, had been classified without continuation. Investigations for “Death threats, threat of committing a crime, harassment and use of the identity or identification data of others with a view to undermining tranquility and honor” are however still in progress.

Mila spoke publicly for the first time on Monday evening. “I had to show a different image than the girl on this video. And I thought it wouldn’t hurt to be on TV“, She said in an interview with Daily on TMC. “I did not do anything wrongShe immediately defended herself, claiming her right to blasphemy. “I absolutely do not regret my words. I don’t have to hide for this reasonShe said. However, the teenager said she regretted having made her comments on social networks, as well as their “vulgarity“. “The Qur’an there is only hate in there, Islam is shit“She said on this”story», Publicly visible on the social network.

“I could have been burned with acid”

Since the controversy, widely used in the political and media world, Mila assures that her life is “on break”. She was unable to return to her high school in Villefontaine (Isère), almost two weeks after the facts. “I was not safe in my establishment. Considering the threats I received from people in my high school, I could have been burned with acid, hit. I was threatened with being stripped naked in public, by being buried alive. I had to drop out of high school “, she lamented. If she says she stopped social media, the teenager kept up to date with what was said or written about her. She even composed a song, in which she tells her story and claims her right to blasphemy. “It really did me a lot of good”, she said.

Mila would not have “never imagined“As his statements, before a direct usually followed by”10 to 30»Spectators, take such a scale. “I wondered how people could hate so much”, she wondered. “I have nothing against people who are not Mila without being violent. These people prove that you can be against me without being violent, hateful ”, she clarified. Presenting his “apology” at “those who practice their religion in peace“, The girl said that the police were taking the case “Very seriously”.



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