Train at Utrecht Central Station cleared due to suspicious package | Interior


According to this woman from Brabant, the driver has stopped his Intercity several hundred meters in front of the Utrecht station. “We first waited 45 minutes. NS employees have called the police. We were then told that it might have been a bomb package wrapped in silver foil. “

Walking by rail to Utrecht

There was no question of panic among travelers. “A lot of police were suddenly present. Everyone got off the train calmly and was sent on foot by rail to Utrecht Central Station, ”she says. Dozens of people would have been on the evacuated train.

According to the public transport operator, the train departed from Amsterdam Central at 6:34 pm with the final destination at Maastricht station. Another train was stopped. Many travelers express their surprise on Twitter and are frightened by the police deployment.

An NS spokesperson has just informed De Telegraaf that two trains have been stopped at Utrecht Central Station. One of them has been thoroughly searched by the police for a suspicious package. Eventually it turned out around 8:15 pm that the alarm was false. All passengers will be guided on their way again.


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