VIDEO: A cat manages to scare away three coyotes who wanted to devour him | El Salvador News


The little cat pulled out the breed and managed to defend himself. The incident occurred in a city in California, United States.

Against all odds A cat managed to escape what looked like an eminent death. After three coyotes tried to corner him to devour him.

In the clip You can see the cat trying to intimidate the coyotes that were getting closer to him.

The attack happened in the backyard of the house of the owners of the cat whose name is “Max”. The images that went viral They were captured by a security camera.

Fortunately Max’s owner, Maya Gurrin, and her husband realized that something strange was happening in her yard. So they decided to go find out, to their surprise they found the wild scene, as revealed by the international CBS channel.

“You don’t usually watch videos like this, on the contrary, you see how cats are eaten by wild animals. It could have been very different. We are very lucky, ”said Gurrin.



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