What are prosecutors now that the process against Trump is moving forward?


(CNN) – The fight for the political trial of President Donald Trump has already reached the United States Senate for the next phase, but it will not be the end of the participation of the House of Representatives Democrats in the process.

A select group of legislators was appointed to serve as prosecutors during the Senate political trial, acting as representatives of the House Democrats: they will present the case against Trump in the Ukrainian scandal.

This Wednesday, the president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, announced to the seven Democrats that they will serve as prosecutors: the president of the Intelligence Commission Adam Schiff of California; the president of the Judicial Commission Jerry Nadler of New York; Hakeem Jeffries of New York; Zoe Lofgren of California; Val Demings of Florida; Jason Crow of Colorado and Sylvia Garcia of Texas.

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The opportunity to be prosecutors of the political trial will offer the elect a high profile turn under public attention and the opportunity to raise their position in Congress and with the liberal voters.

In addition, the performance of the prosecutors of the House will be crucial in the Senate trial and could be a way for these seven Democrats to secure their place in history as part of the political trial procedures.

What role will the prosecutors of the political trial play in the Senate?

The way in which the process will finally take place in the Senate will depend on what the senators can agree on, as well as the complete parameters that have not yet been established for the trial.

However, the general expectation is that the prosecutors of the Chamber will have the opportunity to argue their case before the full Senate, whose members will act as jurors, and after that the president’s lawyers will have the opportunity to develop the defense.

During Clinton’s political trial in the Senate, prosecutors presented their arguments over several days and then Clinton’s legal team also raised his defense by taking several days to do so.

Then they followed the questions that the senators presented in writing to the prosecutors or the defense team of the then president.

Who chooses the prosecutors of the political trial?

Pelosi had the last word on who were appointed as prosecutors of the political trial and made his announcement on Wednesday. Decision with which the new stage in the process against Trump began.

The Democratic leader held a press conference on Wednesday morning, in which she appeared alongside the prosecutors she had chosen for the political trial. At noon, a vote was taken in the House on the resolution to appoint them and formally send the two charges of political trial to the Senate, where the senators will decide if the president should be removed from office.

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“As you can see in these descriptions, the emphasis is on the litigants,” Pelosi said in explaining how he chose the prosecutors. “The emphasis is on the level of comfort within a court. The emphasis is on presenting the strongest possible case to protect and defend our Constitution in the search for the truth for the American people, ”he added.

How many prosecutors can there be?

There are no restrictions on the number of prosecutors in the House that can be appointed to play the role. During the process against Trump, seven Democrats will serve as prosecutors.

In the political trial against Clinton, 14 Republicans of the House of Representatives were elected to this role: three of them still hold seats in Congress.

Those Republicans who continue to be congressmen are Rep. Steve Chabot of Ohio; Representative Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin and Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who was a representative of the third congressional district of that state at the time the political trial against Trump was held.

“Instead of speaking, I will be listening. Last time, I was the one who spoke, ”Graham told CNN recently, reflecting on his role in the next Senate political trial compared to what happened when he served as a prosecutor.

Former California representative James Rogan was one of the Republican Party prosecutors in the political trial against Clinton. His performance provoked an important impulse of the Democrats to unseat him, which ended up happening after an expensive and aggressive campaign.

The winner? Schiff, who was then a California state senator and will now be one of the prosecutors of political trial.

CNN Jeremy Herb contributed to this report.



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