Young 14 year old uses Snapchat to alert her kidnapping in the US


Los Angeles United States

A 14-year-old girl kidnapped in California used the Snapchat social network to ask her friends to call the police, who had access to her location through the app.

The police of Saint Joseph He said in a statement Thursday that they found the teenager in a motel room, where he also arrested Albert Thomas Vasquez, 55, charged with rape and kidnapping charges.

“The victim used her Snapchat account to notify her friends that she had been kidnapped and didn’t know her location. The victim’s friends determined her location through the Snapchat app and called 911,” the authority said.

The investigation revealed that Vasquez drugged the girl on January 14 to incapacitate her and take her against her will to a car, where sexually abused her.

The alleged aggressor had the help of two other men, arrested the next day for kidnapping and conspiracy.

“The three suspects took the victim to the Motel E-Z 8 in San José” where “they took her from her vehicle to a room on the second floor where Vásquez sexually abused her again,” the statement said.

The three suspects are being held in the Santa Clara County jail.

Friends on Snapchat can see your location if the application is open and users authorized sharing it with each other, according to the company’s website.



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