newsdirectory3 Newspaper | Residents of Samaheej: Leave us the land of “235”

Saturday, January 28, 2023

We are a number of the people of Samaheej village in general, and the residents of Block 235 in particular. We present this letter, hoping that it will be taken into account, as it contains a complaint that affects the social fabric of the region.

The problem can be summed up in the presence of vacant land in Complex (235) on Road (3503) opposite Samaheej cemetery.

Since our inception, this land has been and continues to perform many important services for the people of the village, its residents, and visitors to its adjacent location, adjacent to the houses, the cemetery, and its proximity to the main funeral home of the village.

The land is used on a daily basis as a parking lot for everyone without exception, especially in social and religious activities as well as for visitors to the cemetery. It is also adjacent to more than 5 houses and buildings inhabited by many individual families and is the main entrance and exit for all the residents of those dwellings.

In addition, all services for the residents pass through it, as well as the parking place for ambulances, civil defense, public security, and any other companies and agencies while they are present to serve the residents near the land, due to the ease of access for everyone to it, and it is the only outlet on the aforementioned road, and the only space that the people can benefit from due to the nature of the narrowness Roads and houses adjacent to each other, as is customary in the villages of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The conclusion is that, without prior warning, we, the villagers, were surprised to determine the area of ​​the land that was found to be owned by the Jaafari Endowments, with cutting off a large part of Highway No. (3503) and annexing it to it, in preparation for the construction of commercial stores, although Road (3503) is non-commercial, which will cause serious problems. For example, but not limited to:

– Closing the only entrance for all residents near the ground.
– Depriving everyone of the important services that this land used to perform.
Shops cause overcrowding and inconvenience to residents and residents.

Accordingly, we present this message, hoping from God Almighty and you to consider this issue and transform this land for public benefit in the program to develop the villages of Bahrain to create public parking lots and entrances to the homes of the people, by legal and legitimate means, in a way that preserves the rights of all, taking into account the primacy of the supreme interest over the interest of one individual and ensuring Preserving the social fabric in the village and preventing conflicts and strife.

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