Newspaper Mail | Heavy rain leaves streets of Brumado flooded and part of the city without power

A storm hit the city of Brumado, in the south center of the state, this Thursday (31). Due to the volume of rain, dozens of streets were flooded, vehicles are being dragged by the water and gusts of wind have already caused power outages, walls and trees in some neighborhoods of the city.

Rain floods Brumado. Credit: Reproduction/Social networks

According to residents, the heavy rain started in the late afternoon and lasted for more than an hour. It was enough to flood the main roads of the city. Lightning and thunder are also scaring the residents. According to Agora Sudoeste, the situation is critical in the lower areas of the city, where there are more flooded areas.

In videos that circulate on social networks, it is possible to see the height, above the car tires, and the force of the water on a street in the municipality. In the images, a car is dragged until it hits another that was also parked. It was not confirmed if there were people inside the vehicles. Residents also filmed the water invading the houses.

In a note, Neoenergia Coelba informed that “teams are working to restore the energy supply in part of the municipality of Brumado, which was affected by strong winds and rains, associated with lightning on Thursday night. Professionals will remain mobilized until conclusion of the service and standardization of all consumers.”

Brumado is one of the cities that were listed in the alert issued by the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), on Tuesday (29), for accumulated rains with a risk of potential danger for some municipalities in the Center South, São Francisco Valley and Far West baiano.

The forecast already indicated precipitation between 20 and 30 mm/h or up to 50 mm/day and intense winds (40-60 km/h), with threats of power outages, falling branches and flooding.

In June, the Ministry of Integration and Regional Development (MIDR) recognized the emergency situation due to the drought in Brumado.

The energy distributor reinforces that, in the event of occurrences related to the electrical network, customers have the following channels available: sending free SMS text messages to the number 28116, informing only the contract account number of the consumer unit; WhatsApp, through (71) 3370-6350; the free call center 116; the virtual agency, on the services page of the website, the Neoenergia Coelba application available for Android and IOS.

– If you find a fallen wire, never approach it, and immediately call Neoenergia Coelba through the toll-free call center 116.

– Do not remove vegetation and/or objects that are close to or over the power grid;

– Do not turn on electrical equipment if you are wet or barefoot;

– Unplug electronic devices that are not being used from the sockets;

– Avoid contact if the walls of the house/building are damp and do not plug electrical equipment into sockets installed on damp walls, they are potential sources of shocks and equipment malfunctions;

– Avoid staying in open areas (open) such as soccer fields, swimming pools, lakes, ponds, beaches, trees, poles, masts and high places. It is recommended to stay indoors or in a sheltered place during the rain;

– Try not to stay under trees and/or metal structures during thunderstorms with lightning and, at home, avoid contact with objects with a metal structure such as a stove or pipes, especially if the house is in an open field;

– Do not carry out services in places where the risk of exposure to rays is greater, such as installing or maintaining TV antennas;

– Only install, disconnect or remove antennas if the weather is good. If your antenna falls on or near the net, never try to pick it up or retrieve it;


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