[Newyddion gwaharddedig]Supporting the anti-communist wave in mainland China, Chinese from various countries took to the streets | Rights protection protest | Chinese Embassy in the UK

[Newyddion Brenhinllin Tang Newydd, amser Beijing, Tachwedd 29, 2022]Waves of protests broke out across China, and many overseas Chinese also spontaneously took to the streets to support the struggle of the Chinese people. Whether it is the public anger caused by the fire accident in Urumqi, Xinjiang, the intense wave of civil rights protests in mainland China, or various international solidarity activities, the people at home and abroad have the same voice. to convey: “The Communist Party will step down.”

Chinese in Britain: “The Communist Party is down, the Communist Party is down, the Communist Party is down, the Communist Party is down!”

On the evening of November 27, a large number of Chinese in the UK gathered on the street in front of the CCP embassy in London to protest the CCP’s “clear to zero” policy, and to mourn the victims of the fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang, who died in the fire

Protesters filled the street in front of the embassy, ​​and the crowd stretched at least tens of meters. They lit candles and laid flowers to commemorate those who died in Xinjiang.

Some people held blank papers, some held the sign of “Central Urumqi Road”, and the crowd kept shouting in unison, “Communist Party, step down!”

Mr. Han, Chinese international student: “I think this is a starting point. Most international students are brave enough to stand up and take this step. First, they must overcome their psychological cognitive difficulties. They can understand that the rule of the CCP is It can be understood that the CCP government is doing things to oppress human rights. Second, they have the courage to really move from online to offline. I think this is a very important step .”

In Toronto, Canada, on the night of the 27th, a large number of Chinese braved the heavy snow and gathered on the streets to loudly protest against the CCP.

Chinese in Toronto: “Don’t be banned, be free, don’t be banned, be free! Don’t be a dictatorship, want democracy, don’t be a dictatorship, be democratic! Don’t be a slave, be a citizen dictator, don’t be a slave, be a citizen!”

The same scene also appeared in Melbourne, Australia, Dam Square in Amsterdam, Ireland, Paris, Japan and other countries.

Mr. Chen, overseas Chinese: “I think whether the foreign solidarity comes from local people or Chinese immigrants, they all clearly see the stupidity of the CCP’s policy of eliminating zero and the evil of the CCP itself. It is also it is possible that their family members themselves were poisoned in this zero clearance movement. The greatest significance of this solidarity is to let these protesters in mainland China know that they are not alone in this world, until aged abroad. There are many people who share their goals.”

In Taiwan, which is close to the mainland, many people spontaneously came to Taipei’s Liberty Square on the evening of the 27th to commemorate the victims of the fire in Xinjiang and express solidarity with those Chinese college students who dared to go on the streets to fight.

Moderator: “Renmin University of China”
People in Taiwan: “Come on!”

Moderator: “Foxconn Guangzhou workers”
People in Taiwan: “Come on!”
Moderator: “Guangzhou Workers”
People in Taiwan: “Come on!”
Moderator: “All Chinese Persons”
People in Taiwan: “Come on!”

Zhou Fengsuo, chairman of the American Chinese organization “Humane China”: “More than 200 people came to this event, and they felt very strongly about the support for the ongoing revolution on the mainland. I made my speech himself too. From our experience in 1989, we talked about the new generation of young people today very excitedly and inspiringly, new hope.”

In addition, Southern California Uighurs, pro-democracy activists, representatives of the Society of Visual Artists, and the “Milk Tea Alliance” which includes groups from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Myanmar, and Thailand gathered in front of the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles. a day to respond to the opposition of the mainland people Actions by the CCP.

Zhou Fengsuo: “This is freedom and democracy. Freedom leads the people. Freedom and democracy is human nature. No matter how the CCP kills and brainwashes people, after 33 years, I saw it again, at least abroad, yesterday in China , including Tsinghua University. There were large-scale rallies at Xi’an Jiaotong University and Xi’an Jiaotong University, which is what a normal country should have, and I am glad to see young people standing up to overcome their fears and fights for mankind. freedom.”

Currently, the actions launched by countries around the world to support the struggle of the Chinese people are still expanding.

Editing/Interview by Meng Xinqi/Yi Ru/Wang Mingyu

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