NEX pushes “Terrabyte Plus” to the May market, selling 90 million IPO shares

#Than Hoon – Terabyte Plus Public Company Limited or TERA will list its shares on the Market for Alternative Investments (May) by offering 90 million IPO shares, which is 37.50% of the common stock. issued ordinary shares, with Asset Pro Management Co, Ltd as financial advisor.

Terabyte Plus Company, which distributes IT network equipment and provides a comprehensive information technology infrastructure system Has filed a filing form with the SEC to approve the said IPO, where the proceeds from the financing will be invested in the Cloud system, invested in the ERP system, invested in related businesses that have Potential to support the growth of the company And the rest is used as working capital within the business.

The share structure of Terrabyte Plus Next Point Public Company Limited or NEX will hold 51% of shares after the IPO, a stake of 31.88%.

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