Nexon, MapleStory X BTS Jin Collaboration Content Chapter 2 Released

Nexon Korea (CEO Jeong-heon Lee) released the second episode of ‘Commuter Brave Kim Seok-jin’, featuring a collaboration between the online game ‘Maple Story’ and global superstar BTS member Jin.

Through episode 1 of ‘Commuter Brave Kim Seok-jin’, released on the 16th, BTS Jin’s general corporate life as an intern at Nexon, including interviews with the planning team of ‘Maple Story’, going to work, taking employee ID cards , and prepare for presentations, today. In the second episode, Jin took part in the ‘Maple Story’ planning meeting and presented his ideas.

In addition to offering ideas for this Chuseok update and event through the announcement, Jin offered various ideas to the development team such as Nexon general director Kang Won-ki and planning director Kim Chang-seop, based on his long experience of play ‘Maple Story’ as a real player, improving various play experiences, and taking time to get feedback.

Nexon reveals the contents of ‘Maple Story X BTS Jin’ collaboration.

Nexon unveiled some of the ‘MapleStory X BTS Jin’ collaboration events through today’s test server update. Various events reflecting Jin’s ideas were expected such as collecting alphabet items obtained during hunting and providing rewards to the Jin NPC after completing Jin’s ‘Worldwide Handsome’ nickname phrase and presenting it to the Jin NPC, raising expectations. Additionally, in addition to the event, pajamas designed by Jin himself will be released as a coordinating ‘Maple Story’ item.

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In episode 2 of ‘Commuter Brave Kim Seok-jin’, Jin said, “I had many conversations with the developers in a free atmosphere, and I was moved to see how they communicate sincerely and actively with ‘Maple Story’.” Please do a ‘Maple Story’.”

Information about the ‘Maple Story X BTS Jin’ collaboration can be seen on the official website and official YouTube channel, and the official update will be released on the 25th.

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