Next-generation console version’Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition’ begins pre-order on the 29th

Materials provided-Gamepia

Gamepia Co., Ltd. (CEO Jong-Heon Jeong) announced that pre-order sales of the stylish action game 『Devil May Cry5 Special Edition』 PlayStation®5 and XBOX SERIES X package products will start on October 29th in cooperation with CAPCOM ASIA. This product officially supports Korean.

“Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition” is the best stylish action game that has won awards at The Game Awards 2019, Golden Joystick Awards 2019, and Japan Game Awards 2019. It is a work released by making the most of the device’s advantages.

In the 『Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition』,’ray tracing’ and high-resolution implementation were applied to express more beautiful and realistic light reflection effects, and frame rate options can be adjusted to express more flexible and smooth movement. In addition to this, a new game mode that stands out with action sound effects played by 3D audio with three-dimensional sound, options to significantly reduce loading time, and powerful directing capabilities will appear. Finally, the popular character of the series, Virgil, will appear as a new player character.

■ New game features applied to 『Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition』

 Realistic light effects realized by ray tracing

▲ Ray tracing and high-resolution output: before (top) and after (bottom) application

You can set graphic options to suit your style, such as brilliant graphics using ray tracing, smooth motion reproduced at a high frame rate, and high-resolution output.

 Faster and more intense speed turbo mode

It’s an option to speed up your gameplay by up to 20%, and with even faster movements, you can create a more stylish and perfect combo.

 New Challenge-Legendary Dark Knight Mode

In this mode, which can take on new challenges that can only be realized in next-generation consoles, a mass of demons that have never been seen appear. You can feel the new pleasure of a stylish combat system that advances through a large army of demons.

 Twin brother and biggest enemy, Virgil!

A new character that fans of the series will cheer. Dante’s twin brother and eternal rival Virgil is added as a new player character. You can also play as Virgil in Story Mode and Bloody Palace Challenge Mode.

■ Contents included in 『Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition』

“Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition” contains additional content released separately from the original version, the EX Color Pack, which was a devil May Cry 5 Deluxe upgrade, pre-order privilege, and the Bloody Palace mode additionally distributed. It also includes weapon items such as Nero’s new Devil Breaker Mega Buster and Gerbera GP01, as well as various items that make the game diverse and fun.

『Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition』 Pre-order sales of PlayStation®5 and XBOX SERIES X package products are available from October 29, 2020 on November 11 (PlayStation®5) and November 18 (XBOX SERIES X) for each platform. Proceeds to The official release date in Korea is also November 12, 2020 (PlayStation®5) and November 19 (XBOX SERIES X), respectively, and the deliberation level is not available for youth. For more information on pre-order sales schedule and games, check Gamepia’s blog, Facebook, and Instagram.



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