Next to the samurai is cyber. Halo Infinite “Cyber ​​Showdown” Event Starts January 18th-Engadget Japan Version

Halo Infinite

Free-to-play FPS “Halo Infinite” Multiplayer new event “Cyber ​​Showdown” will start on January 18th.

“Cyber ​​Showdown” is an event where you can get neon and cyber customized items such as goggles-like and mohawk-style armor effects for free.

As with the Japanese-style samurai-themed “Tenrai” event, you can get all 10 levels of items by clearing the event challenge marked with a star and advancing the event pass for a limited time.

Cyber ​​Showdown was announced as an event included in the ongoing Halo Infinite Multiplayer Season 1, but officially only announced a 30-second teaser trailer and start date.

(Teaser is a skit style. At the good old American arcade “GAME ZONE” where upright housings are lined up, a Spartan tries to play an old-fashioned shooting game, but it is disassembled by being exposed to a sentinel beam from behind. If you think about it, it will be transferred to a cyber space.

The arcade name GAME ZONE and the sign with a wireframe-style scorpion tank are reminiscent of the 1980 classic game BATTLE ZONE. What Spartan was trying to play was not Space Invader but Slip Space Invader. If you look closely, the invader is the enemy alien covenant of the Halo series.

Next to it is the “arcade version of Halo Infinite,” which even has a special case graphic. The scene that disappears from behind with a sentinel beam and is transferred is a homage to the movie classic “Tron” that is transferred to the game world. It’s a short but fun video. )

On the other hand, although unofficial, according to Halo Infinite’s game data analysis account, there are 10 rewards. It seems that cyber goggles are available in the first half and cyber mohawks are available at the end of the second half.

Both are not helmets or attachments, but armor effects (such as those with a burning head), so it is also attractive that you have a high degree of freedom in combining with the equipment you already have.

Also unconfirmed unofficial information, this neon-style armor coating Neon Superfly is expected to be a store item rather than a free reward. It’s hard to say whether it’s a shame that you can’t get it just by playing it, or whether you’re happy to get it quickly without having to repeatedly play playlists for specific challenges during the event.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

The Samurai different world event “Fracture: Tenrai”, which ended the second (second week) last week, is scheduled to be held six times each week in February, March, April, and May.

There are 30 levels of rewards, and the maximum number of unlocks that can be unlocked each time (one week) is 7 levels for the first time and 10 levels from the second time. In other words, if you participated fully as of last week, you should be able to clear up to 17 stages now. You can clear up to 27 stages in the 3rd time in February, and you should be able to clear all in the 4th time in March.

On the other hand, even players who have never participated should be able to unlock to the end with 10 steps x 3 if they participate fully three times from March.

Halo Infinite’s Samurai different world event “Tenrai” resumes.Free reward increase




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