Neymar and Richarlison are polar opposites politically; The two were brought together by Jogo Bonito

The politics of the prominent players in the Brazil team were discussed at the start of the World Cup. The discussion is based on the positions taken by Neymar and Richarlison in the recent presidential election. While Richarlison sided with the left, Neymar took extreme right wing positions. Neymar’s endorsement of retired military officer Jair Bolsonaro in the country’s presidential election was big news.

The policies adopted by the extreme right government under Bolsonaro, which came into power in 2018, caused a great uproar in Brazil. The presidential election held last October was fiercely contested.

In the country where football is considered the soul, the players have also come forward to express their political side. People like Ronaldinho and Neymar came out to support Bolsonaro. The yellow shirt of the Brazilian football team had become synonymous with the right wing, and the left or those who opposed Bolsonaro had even stopped wearing it. Neymar even sang a song in support of Bolsonaro’s government.

But the Brazilian star, Richarlison, who rose in Qatar, was with the left-wing candidate in the election. Richarlison campaigned for the left-wing candidate Lula da Silva. Richarlison was not only a supporter, but an activist of the leftist party led by Lula. In a star-studded team, most of whom supported the former right-wing government, Richarlison was the rare player to publicly protest racism, poverty, gender-based violence and other LGBTQ+ social issues. Richarlison also expressed his displeasure that the Brazilian shirt was being dragged into the left-wing controversy.

During the Covid pandemic, Richarlison supported the vaccination campaign that went against the government’s anti-science policy when President Bolsonaro called Covid just flu. And when thousands of people suffocated in the Amazon, Richarlison stepped in to provide oxygen cylinders.

Richarlison also managed to take a decisive step to bring the people who once hated the yellow and green shirt back to football for political reasons. Despite many differences of opinion, Neymar and Richarlison were brought together by Brazilian football or Jogo Bonito. Jogo Bonito, a Portuguese phrase meaning beautiful game, is the nickname of the Brazilian football team. Despite being on opposite sides politically, what brings Neymar and Richarlison together is the magic of Brazilian football.

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