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The world’s number 1 player and Brazil’s favourite, is set to lead in their first match at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Their opponent will be Serbia, the Eastern European powerhouse No. 21 in the world. Lucky News analyzes the Brazil-Serbia battle. betting points and tips While enjoying the World Cup, fans should also remember to do what they can and not affect their normal life.

Ma Zi of Yuncai News believes that the Brazilian team is full of talents. There are two best goalkeepers in Brazil today, and every position is also a temporary choice. Neymar, Vinicius Junior and other giant stars are not luxurious enough to describe in fact. This game should create a nightmare for the Serbian defense, and is likely to lead from the first half.

Serbia is not without a chance to be upset, especially in the past, it has proved its strength by beating Portugal. The sports newspaper Mazai believes that Serbia entered the World Cup by relying on the magical legend Aleksandar Mitrovic, who played for Fulham in the Premier League. In the group stage, it will probably be this year’s dark horse. There is indeed a chance to create surprises, but it is not easy to break through goalkeeper Alisson (ten fingers of Alisson Becker), and they can only rely on set-pieces to create opportunities.

Mazai pointed out that the Asian Handicap initially gave Brazil a handicap of 1 goal, and then rose to 1.25 goals. Brazil, World No. It’s hard to enjoy the sweetness of a one-ball game. It is recommended to pay attention to the small points.

Football lottery god angler recommends:

Lucky color board: 2.5 points in the game

International handicap: 3 small points

★ “China Times News Network” reminds you: Minors are not allowed to buy or redeem lottery tickets, and employees of sports lottery publishers and trusted organizations are not allowed to buy, transfer or redeem, and receive sports lottery tickets as organizers of betting sporting events Personnel and staff of relevant teams participating in the event are not permitted to purchase, transfer or redeem sports lottery tickets for the events held or participated in. Lottery tickets should be bought according to their ability, and excessive betting should not affect normal life.

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